Finding Email ID of any Orkut Profile!

Important Update: This script is not working anymore. You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future!

This is trick to get email address of any profile on orkut!As you may be knowing already that you can go to “friends” page in your orkut account and see all your friends primary email addresses! This seems applicable to only friend who has already joined your friends network! But wait, you can see the email id of any profile on orkut, even if the concern person chooses to hide his/her email address!

Here are steps…

  1. Just add the target person as a friend (by going to his profile).
  2. Don’t wait for the approval. Go to your “friends” page immediately.
  3. Click on “Open friend requests” on the top-left corner.
  4. Find the name of the person whom you just added.
  5. Click on “EDIT” at the right side of that person’s profile.
  6. You can see his/her email id there!!


Murali Krishna December 23, 2006

hi man i need a small help…Can we see other peoples Todays Fortune
which comes in our Profile coz one of my friend is saying all peoples Fortune and he is not saying how is finding it. please help me if u know about it

Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

R u sure that he is doing this accurately???
Lets talk in detail to reach to some conclusion!
Actually I haven’t heard about this from anyone else!

Hariya April 12, 2007

hey Rahul,

wass up mate, i have been looking for orkut password hacker but unable to find it anywhere and am in an urgent need since i dont want my fiance to talk with bogus friends of mine help me and kindly tell me the sure way to hack pwd of any orkut user please

admin June 14, 2007

This trick os no more useful

Rahul Bansal June 15, 2007

If you dont know how to use it, lemme know! 😛
Its 100% Working! 🙂

Tahir October 12, 2007

hey its not working i cant c id there

Rahul Bansal October 22, 2007

Sorry man it stopped working! 🙁

john December 22, 2007

if someone is nt allowing you to join hs or hr accont is there ani way to c the photo in ani way

Rahul Bansal December 27, 2007

First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for Xmas vacations! 🙁

Yes. You can view photos from locked album. The trick is here! 🙂

wishin you merry xmas and a very happy new year!

Rahul Bansal January 29, 2008

This is outdated trick. I will mark it not working!
Sorry for inconvenience but we do not have any working trick for same right now!

You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future!

Therockvsscsa February 14, 2008

Hey rahul

dude can you plz tell me how to get the emails of the ones who havent approved the request, cuz my old school friend is in orkut but he hasnt used it after he has created the account so can u help me out.

Rahul Bansal February 15, 2008


As of now there is no way to do this.

Sorry for negative answer but if we find anything in feature we will surely put that on our blog!

You may subscribe to my RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future!

ronita roy October 6, 2008

sometimes it is required to know someones email id
before adding him or her in can you tell
me any trick to know his or her email id.

Deepak October 6, 2008

@ronita roy
AS Rahul said there presently there is not working trick for this

Pratyush November 2, 2008

@Rahul Bansal
hey can u revise that trick please.
Its really not workin.
Thanx 4 ur attention buddy…

Deepak Jain November 4, 2008

Am not sure, guess the trick has stopped working 🙁

Ashubaba November 16, 2008

Can any one tell me how to hack the orkut mail id or orkut profile its very urgent its a humbled request from all of you kindly suggest me or you can send me the mail on my mail id [email protected]

akant November 23, 2008

itzz nt workin:(

sunny December 5, 2008

its not working dude….

what is the alternative…also ignoring user trick does not work…

now what????

nnnn December 23, 2008

the trick to find the mail id from name dosent work can any one help me out