Find interesting facts on any number [Fun]

I am going off topic as far as being techie is concerned but for maths lovers this website can be quite entertaining and interesting. This website is actually a created by a mathematician and a lot of research has gone into it where if you enter any number between 0 to 9999 you get properties of that number along with certain facts which are very unique to the number.


Number Gossip allows you to give some interesting details which includes even jokes used with that particular number. For instance when I entered the number 666 considering we call our website Devils Workshop. :-p
The results were quite a lot of fun. I got its various properties along with even a joke about the number 666 .

Here is another example of the results for the number 4523 and one of its rare properties comes up as Google. It’s defined as Google because of a unsual hiring ad regarding numbers Google would put up. 😉


Unfortunately this website only supports numbers upto 9999 and not any more. But just the voluminous amount of information available on ten thousand numbers is quite worth it.

Go ahead and pass some of your time if you love numbers on Number Gossip. Even if you are good at Math, you will certainly learn a few new things!

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Rishabh Agarwal January 12, 2010

This is too… not too, three good! 🙂