Firefox extension : ImgLikeOpera


p style=”font-family: georgia”>This is for all FireFox / lovers…
If ever your friend using opera hurt you by saying that they can block images for the sites/pages, its time to fight-back!

I feel this extension is useful for following friends…

  • Those having slow connection (e.g. dial-up)
  • Those having high-speed connection but getting charged as per usage. (Images makes most of the data transfer)
  • ORKUT ADDICT can do more orkutting.

This is FireFox extension for v1.5+. (also works with Mozilla)

When installed, it gives u following option…

  • Don’t load images
  • Load cached images only
  • Load images for the originating Web site only
  • Load all images.

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Name: ImgLikeOpera
Install ImgLikeOpera
Developer: Danil Ivanov (Russian Developer)

This guy seems kinda annoyed with spams so not publishing his email address. Download extension and go through HELP before ever writing to him. You will get his email address there!


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Rahul Bansal March 25, 2007


Dude I guess imgLikeOpera is fine. Anyway imagepref is here!
Lemme know if it needs to be updated! (haven’t tested it)

Ameyjah March 25, 2007

hey i know that addon. it seems that mozilla has stopped some of it’s old fev addons. like. imagepref which simple to use.
does somebody still have the setup of imagepref