Flip Through Your Twitter and Facebook Updates Like a Magazine

Layers_chromeI am always on the lookout for new online tools to manage my social media profiles. The real pay-out is when some service approach social media management in a new way. For example Twimbow, which uses a colour coded strategy to manage your Twitter account.

With Layers – which is a Chrome App, we  can look up your social media accounts or even RSS feeds in a magazine-like flip layout.

Layers App Features

  • Install the Layers App on your Chrome browser and sign-in to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.
  • I could add RSS feeds also into the web app, which can also be flipped through.
  • If you are looking at Facebook or Twitter posts with a link, the page actually loads up on top of the slide, while you can still continue looking at other posts.


Layers, is not going to replace other social clients like TweetDeck or Hoot Suite. It cannot be considered to be an alternative to Google Reader either. But for some people who only follow a couple of blogs or casually glance at their twitter timeline, Layers will be very interesting.

Do give it a try and drop in your comments and views.

Link: Layers