Free Online RTI Certification Course from the Govt. Of India

A free online RTI course is available for citizens and volunteers who are working to make Right To Information Act an effective tool to fight injustice and corruption.

I don’t bet the fact, but almost everyone might have heard about the tiny word “RTI” or Right to Information, in expanded form. RTI is basically an Act in the Constitution of India which came into effect in the year 2005 and henceforth really effective in fighting cases of corruption in the Administration and the public sector.

Right to Information Act allows any Citizen of India to get the information related to expenditure, planning or any other public welfare schemes (though exceptions are always there 🙂 ). The cost to file a request under the RTI Act, 2005 is very little however it varies in different states of the Union of India. With the Government planning to promote knowledge among the citizens to use their rights to get information, it has allocated a pretty good budget for RTI education and of course it is using Internet in the process.


Image Credit: Official Website

Who is involved?

The course I am talking about here is launched by the Department of Personnel & Training which comes directly under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions in the Central Government. Centre for Good Governance, Hyderabad is associated with the course implementation & certification.

Can I do this course?

You can get enrolled to this course if you are any of the following:

  • A Student
  • An Indian national
  • A Government officer
  • A Public Information Officer [for RTI implementation]
  • Authorities who handles RTI appeals
  • A Media worker

Facts about the Course

  • The total course duration is of 15 days.
  • The first 12 days you get access to all the course material including the Discussion forum where you discuss any queries and post suggestions. I have seen the admin replying to queries pretty quickly 🙂
  • The course registration is available only on First-cum-first-served basis. You must keep a watch to know if the Registration are now open or not. Presently the 32nd batch is going on with about 469 candidates registered.
  • The Exam is conducted online and don’t think you can cheat :p There will be a total of two ‘case-studies’ having 2 questions each. Each question is worth 25 marks and you must secure a minimum of 50% to qualify the course.

Why should I do it?

  • To increase your knowledge on this Act which is one of the best laws ever enacted in the Indian history. ‘YOU’ never know when it helps you.
  • If you have never participated in any RTI camp or knowledge seminar.
  • If you think you are a responsible citizen of India and respect the Indian Constitution.
  • And last but not the least, you get a Certificate (PDF format) directly from the Government of India indicating your Grade and Performance.

You can see a copy of the certificate I received after I completed the course:


Image Credit: Hover here

I have been always interested in bringing Government & Citizens closer and that’s why I focus on Socio-IT related topics. Please do comment on whether you like the way I write, do I need to change or if you are interested in something else! Afterall, a Writer without a Reader is like a Speaker without a listener…

LINK: RTI Online Course


Siddharth February 11, 2011

Dear Sir i have closely followed your articles and they r great…
i 2 have applied 4 this rti course n have completed all d modules n i am ready to take the final paper please if u can tell me what were the questions asked in the final paper.
Kindly reply or use my email id to reply
thank you.

Ankit Das February 12, 2011

I am glad you have been reading me at DW! That’s great you took out time to study for the modules. The final paper shall contain 3 Case studies where you will be required to answer based on your knowledge gained through the modules. I am sorry but I did not save any of the Case studies asked to me.

You can probably take help from the forum and ask them for any sample case studies too. You can even download the case studies from Internet.

saira June 4, 2011

Hi Ankit sir

I am Saira here don’t know any thing about this course can u please guide me regarding this course because I wanted to do this course because am interested in doing this course please give your precious time to tell me about this course.


Abdullah April 2, 2012

HI Saira its better to follow RTI ACT 2005 from any website of the government of central or state

Siddharth February 12, 2011

Thank you so much sir.
I would take the help of internet….n pls if possible for u to send me any link u come across that would be appreciated.

Ankit Das February 14, 2011

I downloaded most of the e-books directly from the portal itself. I did not use any external links though you can still find something useful at Google and share it here too!

ashutosh baradkar February 14, 2011

Respected sir,
Just now i’ve gone through all the information written by you regarding rti-online certification,its pretty awesome and knowledgable.Actually i am intrested to do the course just for the sake knowledge and also to know the laws,provisions made by Indian Goverment for a Citizen.Sir i am an Engg student so i’d like to ask following questions
1)The tenure which they have alloted of 15 days do we have to be regular for all 15 days or is it exceptional,is the exam tough.
2)Does the certifate posted directly on residence address

Ankit Das February 14, 2011

1) You don’t need to attend to any classes physically. It is entirely an Online course in which the first 12 days you get access to all the Course material + discussion forum (where you can ask questions/doubts).

The last 3 days of the course, you can appear for the Main Exams anytime but you would not be able to view the course material or access the Discussion forum. The exam is Case-study based and not where you can actually mug up and write. It is comparatively easy as if you have knowledge you can write according to your way of thinking on the particular cases.

2) The certificate is a PDF based certificate and is sent to your registered Email Address only. Later you can secure a print-out of the same.

Siddharth February 14, 2011

Thank you….
I did it..
not that tough….!!!:)

Siddharth February 15, 2011

Sir 1 thing i need to know very badly that is there a limit of 150 words for answers because it would be impossible to answer in 150 words.
Please reply soon.

Ankit Das February 16, 2011

Just in your previous comment, you have mentioned that you did it already, not that tough. Now you are asking that it would be impossible, can you kindly explain it?

Siddharth February 17, 2011

i didnt write that comment i am sorry….test gone pretty well….!!!

Ashutosh baradkar March 5, 2011

Sir i’ve registered my name for online rti course on its portal
but its been last 15 days i have not got the confirmation,my question is when i’ll get the reply from rti portal and all the respective,necessary things for the course through email from them.

Ashutosh B.

Ankit Das March 5, 2011

Check this if your name is in the list of registered students in the 36th batch:

The email is sent ofcourse however it may be in your Spam folder also, check that.

ashutosh March 7, 2011

No sir I’ve gone through it but my name is not there so now what should i do wait for next batch?

Ankit Das March 7, 2011

You can wait for the next batch, but do register again.

Ashutosh March 19, 2011

Sir, first of all thank you again for providing such good information through your this portal,the actual thing is i have been selected for the course and got the confirmation email two days ago the course has been commenced from today onwards,its all your guidance which let me come come till here sir i’d like to few more question related with the course,please just tell me.
1)Is it really compulsory to attend the study session consitently for regular 15 days?
2)which is the best way to study and score good grades according to you?
3)As they have give four module for the study each module is sequentially related to the earlier one,How to crack the small tests from the modules?

This were some questions which arised in my mind pls fulfill it at the earliest and also let me know few more things which you know regarding the course study pattern and about discussion forum as well.

Thank You

V Perumal May 10, 2011

How do I contact Administrator for Online RTI Examination? Details of Phone no., if any?

V Perumal May 10, 2011

I took up the on line examination on 30.4.2011, but could not secure the minimum marks for getting a certificate. I request the administrator for on line exam to kindly allow me to write the exam again

Ankit Das May 11, 2011

Kindly find the Administrator’s email on the website itself.

GAURAV June 13, 2011

I Know I am late to join this course, when next time this will be started?

saurabh shukla June 18, 2011

sir,give me information about this on mail

anurag sinha July 20, 2011

respected sir,
today only i came to knw about this RTI nd i think now new registration is closed. so sir kindly help me dat what should i do now…. i want to join it as early as possible. plz help me regarding dat..
i shall be obliged u..

anjana mahadik July 20, 2011

I am Anjana here don’t know any thing about this course can u please guide me regarding this course because I wanted to do this course because am interested in doing this course please give your precious time to tell me about this course.

Anjana Mahadik

anurag sinha July 22, 2011

kindly know me the opening date of new registration for new batches…

vipul mishra July 25, 2011

plz tell me opening date of new registration for new batches

Gunanand Jha September 18, 2011

what is the date of enrollment kindly help me in this regard.


Ankit Das September 18, 2011

Please keep a check on or

There is no other way to get the latest information.

Anwesha October 12, 2011

sir, can u please tell me the next date of registration..

Lavanya January 1, 2012

I would like to have the ‘links’ to the discussion forum of the batches! There were some useful discussions indeed. I forgot to save them and thought I’ll read all those discussions later; but surprised to see everything closed after the exam. I get no response from the email ID I received my registration details from?

Abhijeet Gaikar June 10, 2012

Dear Sir,
Can you tell me what is the fees of this course. I am from mumbai, maharastra. is this course fully online or not.
how to give online exam of this course & what is the syllabus of this course. Is this course beneficial for me.
please send all detail on my email id.

sachin June 12, 2012

Sir i m interested to d o the RTI Course. but i m registering the form given in ur website. but after filing up the form it does not show submit butten wheather it has been registered or not. kindly suggest me ho to do.

subham ghosh July 1, 2012

I am currently registered for the online rti course.
the dates for exams as have been published on the page are 29th-30th june and 1st july but now when i am logging in i am not being able to access the exams because the page says that exams are over. please help me and provide me with the administrator’s email-id as it is nowhere to be found on the site.

ANKIT KAWARE July 4, 2012

hello sir, i want to ask you onething that can students of 3 rd year engg do this courses.

durga July 13, 2012

i couldnt get clear idea about these course…explain me pls sir

neha July 17, 2012

i couldnt get clear idea about these course…explain me pls si

MAHARNAB SAHA August 9, 2012

i am citizen of assam(india).my qualification is b.a (49%).i want to do this course

ABDUL NASEER August 21, 2012

I am Abdul Naseer here don’t know any thing about this course can u please guide me regarding this course because I wanted to do this course because am interested in doing this course please give your precious time to tell me about this course.

Deepanshu Sharma September 2, 2012

I want to do this course. How can i register in this course. Please guide me

surendra kumar September 8, 2012

I want to do this course how i can apply plz tell me

Tarun Kumar ghosh September 14, 2012


Kabilan October 5, 2012

Hello Sir,

Nice to read this article, I am having a few doubts in this,

Is there any charges for me?

Where I have to write the Exams- -online or offline?

I have to submit any proof, if yes means what are they?

Anushtha saxena October 7, 2012

I want to join this course…kindly tell me the details…plzzzz…asap….

Raman October 8, 2012

dear Sir,
I want to know the question paper based on theoretical or optional basis.

atchuta November 7, 2012

today i enrolled for this course. what i have to do next

harshal January 14, 2013

please tell me details about 15 day courses i m not getting about it…asap

Rosebelle March 22, 2013

i wanted 2 register for this course, could u please let me kno when the registrations wil be open…

Hassan April 16, 2013

wht qulifaction is requried for this course and wht about fees

jayavelnagarajan May 4, 2013


Please inform to me how to registration about the 15 days rti free online course and when did the course became starting.

I request to send the reply by my email.
Thanking you
Yours sincerely,

suparna koley May 18, 2013

i have completed the 7 days course long days ago.but not yet got the certificate nor the processing information which may lead me to do the 15 days course. can you help me regarding this?

Sakshee July 4, 2013

I would be grateful to you if you can provide the date of next batch.Also, I am enrolled in the 7 day course but i cant access the quiz report and without completing 7 day course i cannot proceed with the 15 day course. Kindly help and contact me on my email id. Waiting for your reply.

manukant July 5, 2013

how i ge this certificate……?

rajesh July 6, 2013

i think any one can do this course ?
as they have not mentioned any basic qualification required…

kashish December 21, 2013

Please guide me in what manner to file an rti and in which public authority as rti occ wants us to do so in order to register ourselves for 15 day course .please explain this as soon as possible as I’m not a law student.?

sneha konar April 27, 2014

hey frnds plz help me out..for how to attempt for rti online examination

Ansari Zeeshan October 5, 2016

piz guid in course