Free Online Tool to Edit and Add Effects to Images – Imageoid

If you use only a single computer, there is a good chance that you have some decent image editors on the computer which can resize or add effects to images. If you use multiple computers and use different computers on different days, it becomes quite tedious to download and install new image editors.

Imageoid is one such online editor for images that allows resizing images along with adding a lot of effects and then downloading it.


  • Upload any image file on the website and wait for adding effects on it.
  • I could chose through adding upto 32 different filters or image effects on the uploaded image.
  • Users can resize the image size down to a suitable size. This can be useful if you are looking to quickly resize the image down to manageable file size.
  • Imageoid does not require to register or signup.

Try out Imageoid to edit your images and drop in your comments.

Link: Imageoid


Gokul July 12, 2011

You have a cool background 😛

Techno July 16, 2011

Agreed on that! 🙂

durgesh July 14, 2011

i swear by this site

saved me lots of time and energy.. solved my problem with image resizing and adding effect like photoshop.. i can do it online.. without hassles..

no heavy site.. loads easily