Funny spelling mistakes on Facebook and Twitter [Video]

Everybody tweets about their daily lives on Twitter or just updates about it on Facebook, but have you noticed how many spelling and grammatical mistakes they make ? Well, sometimes it is fine because sometimes they are just too hilarious to be ignored.

Stuart Gilbert has created this site that fetches Twitter and Facebook status updates that have certain spelling or grammar mistakes. Those words are highlighted in the sentence. You can also control the speed of  scrolling using the slider which is present at the top left hand side of this page. If you find this funny you can also share it with your friends on Twitter or Facebook.

In the video you can see what people write and have a good laugh about it. 🙂

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  1. i write everything in word and cut and paste it into Facebook come back an hour later and the spelling is wrong compaired to the word document.not to mention leters are add to the end of words that were not there

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