5 Ways To Transfer music from your iPod to your PC

Check the top 5 picks for transferring your music from your iPods/iPhones/iTouch to your PC.

I have found iTunes extremely frustrating at times when after formatting my computer, I lose all the music on my iPod as it isn’t synced with the new iTunes version. Now what if I told you there was a way you could transfer music from your iPod to your PC/Mac? How about this, I gave you more than one way to do this – and you can transfer music, movies, pictures?

#1. iDump

One of the most popular software used to transfer music from your iPods to PC. It was released around 2007 but has been updated many times since. It should work with the iPod, iPhone, iTouch and iPad.

#2. Sharepod

Think of this place if you want a one stop shop for your iPod, iPhone and iTouch related transfer and backup related work.  The unique feature of this application is that once you upload your music from your iPod to your PC, it automatically imports the music into iTunes. You can also move your album artwork,

#3. doubleTwist

This one is should be compatible with iPod, Blackberry, Android and PSP Pre. It supports music, video and photo transfer and syncing. While you are there don’t forget to check out the demo video. It’s a great watch.

#4. EphPod

One more option for you guys. It is a far more basic version compared to the multi tasking doubleTwist. However if you use Microsoft Outlook, Winamp on a Windows OS then this one is great way to merge them all into your iPod.

#5. MediaMonkey

My last listing gives you an alternative to replace all the functions of iTunes (including syncing the iPod, iPhone, iTouch) apart from taking a back up of your music on your PC. You can also burn CDs, manage your music library and leave it on auto-DJ mode and leave all your worries behind.

The days of losing your mind over your music have finally come to an end because of these amazing applications. Hope you find these applications just as helpful as I did. Let me know through your comments.

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Hannan Hakim November 15, 2010

just buy the mirosoft zune instead ! 😀