FutureMe: You’ve Got Mail from your Past!

email.meWriting yourself a letter and receiving it years down the line… sounds like fun to me! On FutureMe, you could pen down your thoughts that you’d like to be reminded of or analyze later… anything at all… say, where you thought you’d be 3 years from now… and just send it to yourself in the future. You will receive your letter in in exactly 3 years, reminding you of what you had planned for or wanted in the past, and if you really ever made it.


What happens in case you change your email address over time?

Now, that’s quite likely to happen… but,

  1. The site has an account management system where you could make changes to your email address in case the need arises.
  2. Try and use an email address that you think you’d be using for a long period of time.

Private letters Vs. Public letters?

While sending yourself a letter, you will be asked to choose whether you want this letter to be private or public.

  • If you choose “private”, then your letter will not be disclosed to anyone.
  • If you choose “public, but anonymous”, then it will be included in the public letters section on the website, so that others could come and read them too.
  • In both the cases, your email address will not be disclosed.

Till now, some 767,886 letters have been written to the future and the number is increasing by the day… letters that are fun, silly, hilarious, serious, or even heartbreaking. Check out the ‘View public entries’ section on this site and get some inspiration to write to yourself – a fun way to remind yourself to remember!

Link: FutureMe

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    1. @ Sarbartha Sau,
      I think its an awesome thought to connect a concept like this to the movie – The Lake House! Fits perfectly.
      This is cool stuff. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  1. I just saw this link and loved the idea Totally! Wow.. it can be used in so many good ways. Lovely!

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