Get a ‘lil crazzzy… with Photofunia!

poloroid picWould you like to see yourself on an ad banner in NYC? Get clicked with a movie star? Pose as a model flaunting a perfect hourglass figure? Or, even better, on the cover page of Vogue magazine? Ever wanted to sport Superman? Or just wanted to be an artists’ wonder on his canvas?

If you’re thinking, “I wish… but could I?”, then the answer is – Yes! all this and more is possible and the good news is that it’s only a few clicks away.

Busted! A funny story…

Recently a friend of mine uploaded some of her pictures on Orkut that caught my attention. I was surprised to see her posing for ads on huge hoardings.

I knew she was an aspiring model, but never realized she made it this big so soon! I got suspicious when one of her pictures had Victoria Beckham in it. Although the results were super realistic, but in this case she just pushed her luck too far, don’t you think? πŸ˜›

About the service that makes it all happen…

VogueSome of you would already know about this service through an earlier post on Devils Workshop, however, for those who don’t, this service is provided by – photofunia –Β  a must visit for an amusing and a fun-filled experience.

This photo editing tool works on face detection technology that automatically identifies the face in a picture uploaded by you and creates crazy montages. All you have to do is choose any effect from their library, and upload the photo of your choice to it. Rest gets taken care of… simple!


Here’s your chance to get creative…

So, why don’t you try this out for yourself? It’s a lot of fun and you will be surprised to see how realistic the results can get. Here are some of the things you could attempt in your spare time:

  1. Run your imagination wild and play a photo-prank on someone (hmm… now this could be a risky business… so don’t go over board in doing this… haha)
  2. Create personalized postcards for your friends and family (unfortunately, people hardly engage in doingΒ  such things anymore)
  3. Make your own greeting cards for Birthdays, Christmas, New Years, etc.
  4. Create your personal calendar with the photos of your own choiceon the wall
  5. Or even better – create your own portfolio!

Icing to the cake…

It’s FREE!!!

It’s time to get a lil’ crazy folks! Let me know how it goes.

Do share your results with all of us here.

Enjoyyyy…!!!!! πŸ™‚

(Note: If you wish to learn more about the features of Photofunia, please read Prateek’s post – “Remix Your Photos Using PhotoFunia!” on Devils Workshop)

(Source: Photofunia)

(Image credits: photofunia-livejournal)


Deepesh Sodhi April 17, 2009

I am so bored of seeing same old pictures over and over again of the people I know on their gtalk… may be this service will prompt them to display a fresh look!!!

Well personally, I like to keep changing my pics on gtalk / orkut / facebook from time to time… adding relevance to ongoing season/festival…
I look forward to using this service…. May be go for a Santa look for Christmas! πŸ˜›

Swati April 17, 2009

@ Deepesh Sodhi,
Ha ha, I too am very lazy when it comes to uploading new pictures on gtalk, etc. Maybe because I don’t have too much variety to display. This tool is definitely gonna’ change that! I have already tried jazzing up 3-4 of my pics lately, and the results were pretty cool (and some of them hilarious).
Btw, Christmas is too far. Why don’t you try something else in the mean time and let us know what the results were like? πŸ˜€

Harshil April 17, 2009

I know this site.

Amazing one.
If DW can tell more sites like this, that would be grt.

Although grt post

Swati April 17, 2009

@ Harshil,
Thanks. I am glad you liked the post.
You could also try – – It has 70 or more amazing photo effects. Have fun πŸ™‚

Hash April 17, 2009

Nice article;
The site’s pretty chick but they could’ve done with a better name.

Swati April 18, 2009

@ Hash,
I agree. I had a similar reaction when I first heard the name Photofunia. I sometimes wonder how would you pronounce this word. Is it pronounced as “photo- ‘foo’-nia” or “photo- ‘fuh’ -nia” πŸ˜€

Anyways! I am glad you liked the post. Keep coming back to read Devils Workshop πŸ™‚

zack April 21, 2009

Hey, recently, I’ve came across those site. I find another similar site which is called . Good luck guys

Swati April 21, 2009

@ Zack,
Thanks for sharing the link with all of us here. I checked out the site and seems to work pretty much the same way as photofunia does (surprisingly, they have similar names too.. wonder which one came first :D).
I see that there are many different template designs here, but I am not sure the results are as realistic and fine as the ones you get on photofunia.

Does anyone agree? Or did I not use the right photo’s in the templates here?

Harsh Agrawal April 22, 2009

@ Swati
i tried
I really wish if I can directly embed photos here πŸ˜›

Swati April 24, 2009

@ Harsh Agrawal,
Did you find any better?
Yeah, I too wish there was a way to do that here… we all could have seen the results & compared πŸ™‚

zack April 25, 2009

Well, not all templates in deefunia is good. Only some of them.. To be honest, photofunia’s effects are all good in quality (almost 100%) compare to deefunia or funphotobox. Photofunia should be came first and if not mistaken, they (currently photofunia webmasters) even have another old site which they establish before photofunia. Photofunia publish their new effects every 1 or 2 weeks. Compared to funphotobox which is a few templates a week and deefunia a templates every single day. So what we can surely see here is their effort on each templates / effects that they put on.

MANIAC May 30, 2009

Hi Everyone , can any one help me i want type of pages in my website, which online software they are using it or whats there method for this. please let me know if anyone is having knowledge.

Regards & Thanks

Rahul Bansal May 30, 2009

No idea about photofunia but we can develop custom solution for you in PHP-AJAX.
Contact us if you are interested.

sofil July 19, 2009

hi guys anyone help me to get photofunia software i am unable to download it i dont no where to get it plz help me if anyone having some knowledge about photofunia send me my id i m very thankful to you
thank you

Bob Garson August 19, 2009

Thank you very much – photofunia is really nice site. Another site like this is – they make a new effect every day!

pardeep September 1, 2009

this ia ansh and i wnt to say tht photofunia is a good nd unique site but for those who see it in first time.The person actully shocked when they see their pic in a new mood but after we open photofunia constantly we get bored bec every time we see the same picture.So i thing they hv to change pic after a week.

sofia September 28, 2009

Photofunia is awesome. One more site which actually can make your face beautiful, by removing blemishes, acne spots, marks, etc… It is too good for a free app.

Photofunia December 17, 2009

I noticed people talking about other sites that are like photofunia, check out my signature for a site that shows about 15 relatd sites that offer similar graphics manipulation.

Biswajit Chakraborty February 9, 2010

i am looking for a site where i can change both of the face.
i mean suppose there is a photo of two brothers, so if i wanna change both of the faces then what do i need to do. is there any site there which edit a photo like that.
i tried in photofunia but it was all in vain.
so if anyone knows such site plz inform me.
Thank you.

Kate October 14, 2010

Thank you very much – photofunia is really nice site. One more site where we can edit our pictures: it has more than 300 funny photo templates.