Get notified of Google Wave through your email

A few weeks ago I had covered a Chrome extension and Firefox add-on which covered notification of Google Wave on your browser. This is quite useful for people using Wave either extensively or not much at all. I personally think that I if you are using Google Wave not that often you might want to be notified about it as through your email rather than with a browser add-on.

Google Wave Notifications in Gmail

  • You need to sign-in to your Google Wave account and under navigation with the Inbox you can see a drop down menu.
  • Here just select the time you need to be notified. If you are using it not that often a daily notification should be enough.
  • Finally click on ‘Save’ and you are set to get all Wave notifications on your Gmail address.
  • I tried to check if you can change the address for the notification and I could not. I guess that is a problem if you are not using that Gmail id as you main email address.

I don’t think that this is very important feature but I think this way Google Wave will be finding it’s way into Gmail and other Google services. Some have questions what purpose Google Wave serves but I think the technology which was used to create Wave will be making its way into other Google services to make them great collaborative tools.

Do let me know your view through your comments.

Link: Google Wave