Get a Timeline for all your Social Networks

I basically use Facebook, Twitter and Google+ (rarely)  to connect with bloggers, college friends etc. As I share a lot of links, photos, videos and all, it’s always good to see all those updates from different social networks on just one page. Just like the Facebook Timeline (which will be public by today/tomorrow).

Glossi is a webapp which does just this. If you like Facebook Timeline, you will like Glossi too!


  • Glossi features your Social Networks’ updates on a magazine styled page, it helps you to dive into your past.
  • Glossi currently supports Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr and Faceboook. Apart from that, you can also add RSS feeds too.
  • You can even see at how many places you have checked in, number of photos you have shared, through the bottom bar.

Image 017

  • If you ever want to share your Glossi page with friends, you can do that, click on ‘share’ on the sticky navigation bar and get the public URL.
  • If you care about privacy, then you can lock your Facebook updates (for instance) from being public, go to your account page and click on the lock icon beside Facebook logo.

If you’re a SocialMedia-holic, check out Glossi.

Link: Glossi

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Gautam Doddamani October 3, 2011

nice post…wil checkout glossi right away 🙂