The Secret Behind Mark Zuckerberg’s 6 Million Subscribers on Facebook!

Facebook recently allowed people to share things publicly. It also introduced the option of subscribing to public posts from other people. It is a bit like Google Plus or Twitter which allows following publicly shared updates from a user without the need to connect directly.

The most astounding number for subscriptions, has been clocked by Mark Zuckerberg. The reason it is surprising, is that even though equally celebrities on Facebook have hardly had even a million people subscribing to their updates.

The trick to this huge number of subscribers is that, he has transformed all the people who “Liked” his Facebook Page into “Subscribers” of his Facebook profile.

The previous official Facebook page of Zuckerberg was which had over 5 million subscribers. This number was transferred into ‘Subscriptions’ on this Facebook account which is

Even the old page URL is redirected to his profile page.

What this means for Facebook Pages?

I noticed this change when I was added as subscriber to Mark Zuckerberg even though I had not subscribed to him. We might see the end of personal pages as it would be easier to share posts and images publicly from the profile.

Unfortunately at the moment this option for transforming ‘Likes’ on a page into subscriptions is not available for mere mortals like you and me. 😛

What are your views on Facebook Subscriptions?  Did you find yourself subscribing to Zuckerberg automatically? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Mashable


Sumanth September 30, 2011

Nice find aditya..i thouhgt by default every one is subscribed to mark’s profile..thanks for enlightening me.. 🙂

Aditya Kane September 30, 2011

Thanks. Not its not subscribe by default – that would have been quite a big controversy. 😀

Arun September 30, 2011

Yeah, I have already figured that out. I wrote a post on this ages ago. Check out my version of the post here :

Aditya Kane September 30, 2011

@Arun: Nice one. I was unaware of it until this afternoon.

Arun September 30, 2011

Though you are late, your blog looks awesome! It really inspires me!

Abhishek Biswal September 30, 2011

Yes, I have seen that most of the friends of mine have subscribed to him ( and no one else is on the list ). Thank you for the information, i thought the same as @sumanth

Sunny Dsouza October 1, 2011

Yes,Aditya..even i noticed the same. I was automatically subscribed to his page initially when this ‘subscription’ thing started

Aditya Kane October 2, 2011

@Sunny: Not just Zuckerberg but I ended up subscribing to Eduardo Saverin’s (Facebook Founder) profile automatically. That is when I got a little suspicious.