Bing Introduces Video Background: Is it a Publicity Stunt!

One of the best innovations from Bing was to have an image as background on its homepage for search. Bing now has gone a bit further and introduced a video that plays in the background of the search homepage.

Users from the United States will be able to see this video background for If you are from outside the US, one can change the location to United States and access this video background layout.

It is quite seamless and looks like a nice attractive layout for search compared to the sparse and simple Google homepage.

Is it just a publicity stunt?

Honestly, I do not use Bing except when it catches some sort of publicity with a new feature. This means Bing is not getting users because of better results or better user interface but mainly for something new on its layout.

Google might be sparse in its design with the occasional doodle which is entertaining but it does do something that Bing does not, which is get people using it as a default search engine.

The idea of a search engine is to send people outwards to relevant links and not having them staring at nice background images or videos. This is something Bing should try to go for, rather than get a few more people visiting it once to check a very cool yet quite useless feature.

What are your views? Which search engine do you use? Do drop in your comments.

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Himanshu September 25, 2011

Whatever it was, but I really liked it. Bing is really coming with innovative ideas. Since they don’t have a doddle like Google they experiment with the backgrounds

Aditya Kane September 25, 2011

@Himanshu: I am not saying the background with video is not cool; but Bing keeps getting publicity for things that really is not about search.