Has Facebook got it right by changing ‘fans’ to ‘like’ ?

One of the major but expected changes in Facebook has been that there are no Facebook page fans. A fan is converted into a ‘Like’ and that has started a debate amongst Facebook users if doing away with ‘fans’ was the right thing to do.

It has been explained in numerous debates that Facebook prefers us using ‘Like‘ button instead of ‘Become a Fan’ as people are more likely to click on Like than any other option given.

This makes perfect sense of Facebook to start really working on earning revenues from their users.

Pros and Cons of Like Button

  • I think for user owned pages like Facebooknol’s Facebook page we might not really mind the ‘Like button‘ as it will probably get us more followers.
  • When it comes to community user owned page like lets say the community page of a famous book, musician or author then people might prefer to be fans rather than having a ‘Like Button’

I think like previous arguments against changes with Facebook re-designs, this negative vibe to the Like button instead of Fan Pages will also die a natural death.

As long as Facebook has a simple interface that works and allows people to share things easily with their friends and also allow virtual farms and gangsters with Framville and Mafia Wars, people will still flock to Facebook in their millions everyday.

So what is your opinion on the new Like Button for Facebook Pages? Do drop in your comments.