5 Best Websites to Watermark Images: Worth Bookmarking

Watermarking images is a great way to promote your blog and ensure that others won’t copy your blog’s images. There are chances that people might copy your watermarked images also, but these chances are very rare. Adding watermark to your image might be time consuming if you have to use any tool for it but what if you get your images watermarked online?

I use few websites for watermarking my blog’s  images, it’s free and easy to use. Here is the list of 5 websites for watermarking images:


Picmarkr is very popular online watermarking images which allow you to add watermark to your images. You can choose from text watermark, image watermark or tiled watermark. It also offers you option to browse the image from your system or Flickr.


Watermarking Tool

Watermarking tool is another online watermarking software. It gives you options of formatting text size, color or position of watermark on your image so that it can be blend properly with you image. For free version, you don’t require any signup but if you need extra facilities such as higher file size limit or save your watermark setting you need to pay for it.



I like watermark- images a lot. This gives you option to watermark your images as well as your PDF files. You can format font, positions and color of watermarks like Watermarking tool. If you want to create your EBook , this online service will help you to watermark your images and PDF files.



Watermark.ws offers wide variety of features apart from watermarking your images online for free. It also offers features like image compression, text and image watermarking with transparency, batch processing and resizing. You will get all kind of image service at one place.


Free online Watermarker

Free online water marker can add image or text to your digital photos to give it a customized and attractive look. It accepts formats like jpg, gif, png and Bmp. You will able to add watermark to one image at a time but if you choose to go for paid service you can watermark multiple images at a time.


Check out these online services and protect your copywriting. Which online service or software you use to watermark your blog images?


Loveish April 27, 2010

Wattermark images always helps you to promote your blog. I always use windows live writer to watermark my images. Anyways nice article Ruchi, Thnx for sharing these online tools with us, I must give them a try 🙂

Ruchi April 28, 2010

Thanks Loveish, Do check them out and share your feedbacks 🙂

tadesse April 28, 2010

I really like the website … It is providing us with lots of tip like top something else.
cheer up!

Ruchi April 29, 2010

Glad you like the information shared on this blog, tadesse 🙂

Osho Garg May 1, 2010

Thanks Loveish Information about Windows Live Writer