[iGone] Amul’s Take on Steve Jobs Leaving Apple as CEO

Amul has built up a interesting advertising campaign over the years by introducing a humorous take on current events. These issues ranged from politics to sports and even the economy.

The latest Advertisement from Amul, comments on Steve Jobs leaving Apple as CEO.


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The image shows a half eaten Apple with the word’s “iGone” suggesting Apple has lost its core with Steve Jobs.

Do you agree with Amul that Apple has lost its core. Do drop in your comments.


Apple September 3, 2011

I’m completely agree!!! Jobs was the most important part in Apple. He raises the company and take it to sucessful…

Aditya Kane September 3, 2011

@Apple: Yes, the story of Steve Jobs is truly inspiring.

Ramkumar September 3, 2011

Its obvious Steve had a big part, especially after its comeback. But the abilities of the Tim Cook and the rest of the team cannot be underestimated. Ofcourse the Steve magic would be missing, but Apple right now is in a great shape to be carried forward.

Aditya Kane September 3, 2011

@Ramkumar: No doubt a company cannot be a one man show, and there must be others who have contributed greatly. But to what extent Steve Jobs the cult figure and its effect on Apples job to innovate and market their products will be seen over the next few months and years.