Integrate Google+ Profile into Blogspot/Blogger

Google has started pushing through Google+ integrated features onto their other products. Today Google introduced the option that allows Blogspot users to transfer the Blogger profile to Google+.

Currently this option is available only in the draft section of Blogger platform but will be made available to everyone.

How to activate your Google+ profile to Blogger

  • Visit the draft blogger landing page, which is
  • Ideally you should get a prompt to get started with Google+ profile, but incase you do not see the option, visit this link and you should be able to get the link to connect blogger to Google+.


  • The next page that loads up shows you how your profile is about to change.


  • Finally click on accept and it takes you to another page that allows you to add this profile to the blogs you choose.
  • The change then is applied only to those particular blogs.

I think this will be helpful, in the sense most bloggers will have it easy to keep up a single profile. Currently Google does not mention if it plans to shut down Blogger profiles in the future. But it might happen in the future and makes sense as blogs on Blogger platform will get more social and only help the visibility of Google+.

Do drop in your comments and views.

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Aditya Kane October 25, 2011

Thanks Manish, fixed.

Osho Garg October 25, 2011

Good Info Bro
Thanks For Sharing 🙂