“Just Hear It” – Search Engine for Free Songs

justhearit Now listen to any song for free! JustHearIt is a cool music search engine that will allow you to search and listen to supposedly any song, without any legal hassles, registering or even paying. This site also searches all of YouTube and other video sites!

The website is currently in beta testing version and its member features are disabled. However, you can still search for any song, play it and even make endless playlists of your own choice. Once its member features are enabled, you will be able to save your playlists and access them online from anywhere.

It has a simple, user-friendly layout that allows you to listen to over 16 million songs online without any legal issues. They pay for the licenses in proportion to the number of plays they get.

So, if you’re yearning to listen to a particular song, I’d say, this is just the place to search it! Enjoy! 🙂

Link: JustHearIt!


Maharshi April 19, 2009

Hey, amazing find. Thanks for the share.

Hash April 19, 2009

Simply fantastic! This is another very useful & gr8 post Swati. Thank you very much. This site is going into my favorites right away…

At first I was little skeptical about the range of music this site would cater too and decided to put it through a test. I’m surprised with the results – It dug out my favorite rock (old school), hip hop, old hindi songs from Kishore & Rafi which are quite rare. What I liked most was the turn around time & option of hits it brought up. I wish it stays like this.

Thanks again for introducing “Just Hear It”

Swati April 20, 2009

@ Maharshi & Hash,
Thank you.
I have found some very rare songs here too that I otherwise had problems finding online, or even off the rack. I hope its member features get activated soon.

Deepesh Sodhi April 20, 2009

I really liked the UI of the site..
Hope they don’t mushroom it with Ads everywhere..

Guess your post made it very popular..The site is a bit slow today… or is my broadband connection 😕

Swati April 20, 2009

@ Deepesh Sodhi,
Could be your broadband connection. Works pretty fast on my machine.

Swati May 5, 2009

@ deppfx,
Thanks for sharing. It’s a very cool site.

vernon wright April 30, 2009

build playlist

lilly May 9, 2009

i can not play the music i do not know y

Swati May 11, 2009

@ lilly,
Wonder what’s wrong. 🙁 It’s working pretty well at my end. What is the problem exactly? Is it giving you any error?