5 Free Online Service to share music on Twitter

Apart from a social networking website, Twitter is said to be “Real Time Search Engine” and may be a “Future Search Engine”. There are huge numbers of applications available for tweeting your post, scheduling it, making calls via twitter and many more. With sharing text messages and calls, there are lots of applications available which allows you to listen and share music on twitter.

Here are 5 awesome web applications to share music with your friends:

1. Twiturm:

Twiturm allows you to share your music with your friends. You can upload your own MP3 files or can choose from the listed music files. You can play or share music on social network. You just need to register for free, add MP3 and post to twitter.


2. Song.ly:

Song.ly is easy service to discover and share music. I like the layout, it’s neat and good. It doesn’t have any useless ads or links. It provides you the free add on for Firefox and internet explorer to make service handy.


3. Twt.fm :

Twt.fm is another web application to share music on twitter; you don’t have to sign up for discovering and sharing music. If you are unable to find any video you can give URL of your own music file.


4. Songza:

Songza don’t provide you the option to make your own playlist of songs. You can search, listen and manage playlist. When you want to tweet just use shortened URL of the selected songs.


5. Blinp.fm:

Blinp.fm is an online radio station and you can select songs by the name of DJ or songs. Once you selected the songs, it’s easy to share with your followers on twitter. Sharing on blinp.fm is called as blipping. It’s fun to blip on this website. .


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Music is great way to share your feelings, so start listening and sharing it with your followers on twitter. Don’t forget to share with us which service you use to share music on social networks.