Keep track of webpage changes which does not have RSS

Some pages on the internet are made by people who do not really want to engage with other proactively. As a blogger you cannot image someone writing a blog or creating a website without any RSS feeds. Most websites which are popular absolutely support RSS feeds but sometimes some websites which I might feel important and want to follow changes to do not have RSS feeds. 🙁

This is where I liked Change Detection a website to keep updated about changes.

Features of Change Detection

  • Just enter the name of the website which you want to monitor changes to and also enter the email address to which the alert is sent.
  • Practical use can be to actually monitor a change of policy in a company or stay updated if a software you are using has newer version. 😉
  • It can also double up as Google alert but I have not tested it much. Still feel Google alerts works great.

Previously I had written about how to use Google Reader to create rss feeds of any page which can also be used to monitor a website and changes it has. Change Detection is better in the sense I do not need to your Google Reader! 😀

Do you monitor any website without RSS? Do let me know your views through your comments.


CA Karan Batra August 13, 2010

Thanks for the info. Aditya

Although there are very few websites who dont support RSS, I jst came accross one in the evening which does not support RSS.. I’ll jst go back to it and try ur trick… 🙂

Aditya Kane August 14, 2010

Its not just about RSS, but very useful when TOS are updated by companies. Example one line is change you will be notified. that doesnt work with RSS feeds.