– Stream Your Life on One Page!

Lifestream is a new aggregator service from social bookmarking service mister-wong.

As of now there are 57 services are available to add into your account which includes famous services like Facebook, Digg,, Flickr, Google Reader, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, LastFM.

When you start adding services at Lifestream, it gets all past content as well so creating sort of your biography over one page. One can look at Lifestream as twitter for your entire digital life.

If you are blogger then you can show this steam on your blog as well using Lifestream badge.

For easier access, the service already have desktop interface ready via an Adobe Air app. This means all Windows, Mac, Linux users can enjoy this service from their desktop.

I hope to see support for more services, specially my favorite Orkut soon at Lifestream.

As of now the service is in beta but their country manager Fabian Posada arranged few invitation codes for our readers. Thanks Fabian. 🙂

Invitation Codes for Lifestream:

  • 63f6a6a6
  • 33b93d53
  • ec4281f1
  • 66186574
  • b9997de1
  • 5bf212dc
  • e60d016f
  • 0eb5403e
  • 3753e15f

While signing up for Lifestream use any of invitation code above. Note that each of above code can be used only once. So hurry up! 😉

Link: Lifestream


tinythoughts July 14, 2008


Thanks for the blog entry! I’m happy Fabian could get those invites to you. We’re still working on adding features and services. Orkut is on the list. Though you can also manually add in feeds to services we don’t offer yet or leave a message on the blog here:

Feel free to contact me anytime on the, on the blog, via email, or also @tinythoughts on twitter 🙂

All the best,

p.s. I think Fabian is arranging a little thank you for you over on Mister Wong.

KC July 14, 2008


I have used 66186574


Rahul Bansal July 14, 2008

Hi Jodi,
Thanks for additional info.
I am really amazed to see so many features present in beta stage itself.

Unfortunately orkut have no good support for RSS feeds and we have to use, developed by us 😉

Just one thing, on profile below name there is a message link with text in German “Nachricht schreiben”. I guess it would be great if it remain in English or language of person visiting your profile.

Welcome buddy. I will strike out your code. 🙂

tinythoughts July 14, 2008

Thanks for the tip on Orkut.

Yeah, they added the message system while i was on a vacation for a couple of days. I did the translations and now they have to be uploaded. It should say “Write message” by the end of the day 😉

Thanks again, Rahul 🙂

Rahul Bansal July 16, 2008

My pleasure buddy.
Just posted request for orkut at given URL by you.
Hope to see it soon somehow!
Thanks 🙂