Mibbit – IRC Was Never Easy Like This [Online Messenger]

mibbit logo Long time back we reviewed meebo and other web-based messengers. All of them had one common problem – no support for Internet Relay Chat (IRC). Although many users prefer graphical and simple to use messengers like Google Talk, Yahoo, MSN, AIM, etc, IRC is still something many geeks can’t live without. But thanks to mibbit, now IRC is no more geeks territory.

mibbit main window


  • Its free and registration is optional.
  • Tabbed conversation windows will give you feel of desktop clients.
  • Search feature to find IRC channels using keywords. Have database of 150,000+ channels across 49 IRC networks.
  • Works behind proxy. I tested it behind corporate firewall but being a plain online service it worked like a charm! 🙂
  • Built-in support for translation. You can translate your messages to another language or read others message in your language.
  • Pastebin support. If you are a programmer then you know how often we go to pastebin to share codes. Now you can do it right from mibbit.
  • Chat widget which you can add on your website (live example below…)

Registered User get additional options…

  • My channel option – To save a list of favorite channels which can be automatically joined on logon.
  • Preferences – set colors, fonts, configure alerts, etc.
  • Logs – All conversations can be saved. This feature will be available soon.

I personally use IRC channels when working on wordpress plugins and firefox add-ons. But I always had some problems on windows machine. I don’t like to pay for mIRC and xchat (windows version). Also chatzilla failed to impress me as it doesn’t work behind firewalls in offices & colleges.

So I guess mibbit is best for windows, specially when you want to waste your office time! 😉

Link: Mibbit (Via Tech-Buzz)

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