NetFront : firefox of Symbian 60 mobiles…

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Dear symbian users….
A good news for all symbian 60 & FireFox lovers….
Tabbed browsing is possible on your cell phone…
No no…. there is no need to upgrade your opera for that… its time to replace the opera… and here is the replacement: NETFRONT….
just used Net Front for two days…

N listing here some features…

  • Tabbed browsing
  • Page save option
  • RSS feed manager
  • Cache size can be changed to any value… (along with choice of memory for cache use)
  • 3 modes for viewing page
    • desktop (real page view)
    • smart-fit (page renders to fit on your cell phone screen)
    • Text-only (no images… faster loading

The only problem till now I have seen… The response time of this browser is not good… Most of the time you feel that it hangs!!! Be patient… ( I don’t think cell phone with EDGE or class-10 GPRS and fast processor will notice this prob)….

Download Links:

14 replies on “NetFront : firefox of Symbian 60 mobiles…”

It isn’t working… It says it can’t install it onto the phone… i have an E51 Nokia… Any ideas?

netfront is far better than opera.But the problem is regarding the installation.No proper guidance for the installation.Previously i was using opera and netfront 3.2 has foced me to replac the same.i tried for netfront 3.3 on Nokia N70,but it is not working.
thanks and regards,

@ Aditya :

I guess you are the user who posted more than 35 comments on this blog and standing in the top 5 Commentators list. And now you are saying that you landed on this blog from Google? LMAO..

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Motto of my comment: At least speak the truth. False statements do not contribute anything to an ongoing discussion. These backlinks might add some value to a blog but will ruin the image of the blogger. Just a friendly advice…

Sorry for the leg pulling though…:P

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