ORKUT N USERSCRIPTS.ORG… (for firefox user only :-)

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As in last post I have written a line aboutone-click scrap script and…

Would like to tell you more about this and also about
But this is for only FireFox so if you are not a FireFox user get it first!!!
Actually serves 900,000 scripts… It have a cool search option and you can also browse scripts as per categories. You need Greasemonkey – a FireFox plug-in in order to work with these scripts.

In short these are some special javascript which are interpreted by Greasemonkey to change your web pages behaviour locally.. You can get more info about Greasemonkey and its scripts on its home site.


There are many scripts for orkut and I use only one such script…. That’s orkut one-click scrap script…
This script adds two links next to your contact’s name and pictures:
[S] for instant access to their scrapbook
[A] for instant access to their album

So instead of clicking your friends name which will open his/her profile and then going scrapbook album (2-clicks atleast) you can reach anyones scrapbook or album with one click only on its name… one-click scrap script!!! Isn’t it kool???

Other scripts I like which I do not use frequently but still would like to refer!

  • Orkut zoom album– Replaces small images on album overview page with larger versions. It also updates the table so there is one large image per row.
  • Orkut My Scrapbook link – Adds a link to your scrapbook at the top of every orkut page

N Finally click here to get all orkut related scripts from!!

#Related Link: Click here to download firefox!

13 replies on “ORKUT N USERSCRIPTS.ORG… (for firefox user only :-)”

hey plz tell me hum kise ko koi music clip bhi to send karsakte hai na scrap mai…..

agar han to plz us ka script kaha se mile ga aur procedure kya hoga ??

There is no script to send music files directly!
But I guess u can upload it at some filehost and send links directly!
Flash files can be scrapped between two orkut users who have orkut toolbar installed! Others wil see just links while orkut toolbar users wil see images as well as flash!
(Read more about orkut toolbar) 🙂

Whats point of hidng scrapbook!
Wel if u thing some scraps are personal better delete them! 🙂

hiii i have installed hinew scrap script
it workd for first 2-3 dys but now it is not giving ne msgs
i have reinstalled it but my problem is not solved

I suggest u to log in to GoogleTalk at the same time u r using orkut! If ur GoogleTalk n orkut accounts are linked then u wont need HINEW scrap script. Plus it (gTalk) works better n faster than HINEW scrap! 🙂

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