New Orkut tool: Auto Birthday wishes sender

Previously we mentioned about many Orkut tools some of which are Auto scrap reply tool, Scrap all tool, etc. Today we are going to tell you about another such awesome tool, using which you can configure your Orkut account such that, whenever one of your friend (of course listed on friends list) has his/her birthday, this tool will automatically send them a pre-assigned birthday greeting. πŸ™‚

Well, again, the credits behind creation of such a wonderful tool named ‘Auto Orkut Birthday Scrap Sender‘ goes to Gaurav Dua. The most important tip to be noted here is that, the birthday wishes will be delivered at 0000 hours (Guess that is IST) when your buddy will be celebrating his birthday πŸ˜‰ . Now you must be surely wondering that this tool must be using some kind of ads on the footer, let me clear this point, Gaurav says: "Your scraps will be free from any sort of ads. What you see is what we’ll scrap". So, this is another cool feature though Gaurav will not be getting much credits without those footer ads πŸ™

Now comes the usage guide. For getting this feature activated, follow this link and fill out all the details required, with your birthday greetings (will be common for all your buddies).

Also you need not bother about sharing your personal login details, as Gaurav assures:

Your E-Mail IDs or Passwords will not be used in anyway except for this autobot or will not be sold. When you close this service for your ID, your information will automatically be deleted.

So, just spend few minutes configuring your Orkut account with this tool, and forget all worries looking buddy’s birthday and sending them wishes. All this will be done by Auto birthday wishes sender bot. πŸ™‚

Links: More on this tool | Register


Gaurav Dua November 5, 2008

@deepak – thanks for the nice review. I’ll like to make a thing clear though. Though the idea and moolah involved was mine but the tool was coded by Gautam Gupta – Our Official Coder.

So we should thank him for his ability to convert ideas into working bots πŸ˜›

Deepak November 5, 2008

@Gaurav Dua
Thanks you liked the post πŸ™‚
Well… About Gautam Gupta.. didn’t knew about him
Guess you have nowhere mentioned about him on your page πŸ˜›

Gaurav Dua November 5, 2008

It’s clearly mentioned in our official toolkit page πŸ˜‰

Deepak Jain November 5, 2008

@Gaurav Dua
πŸ˜› Sorry.. ignored it..
Apologize for not providing proper credits πŸ™

richi January 30, 2009

Hi Thanks for that

richi January 30, 2009

i have one question abt orkut
when my scrap book is having no scrap then also it show as if i am having 2 scraps i don’tknow hats the matter can any body help me out ?

Rahul Bansal January 31, 2009

It happen often on orkut. Don’t worry if your scrap, friends, etc counts are showing wrong values.

tariq aziz April 12, 2009

hi all. dear am new comer here in dubai. as u know our beloved ORKUT is blocked here in UAE. i realy mis my orkut friends too much and want to use/unblock this site. so if any one know to unbolck orkut please please inform me, thanks.

Hemant Saini July 28, 2009

@ Tariq Aziz !
If u r using internet explorer then search for some proxy sites on google or best way is by using Mozilla firefox. There is a add on with name go2 proxy install it and i hope you will be able to surf any blocked site in UAE.I am using myself to browse some sites which are blocked in India.