Now View Videos in Gmail Chat Window [New Feature]

gmail-logo1 In  one of my recent post, I was talking about some Gmail features that may launch in the upcoming days, and it was also mentioned about some improvements and enhancement in video chatting  feature. Though, this feature I am talking about today, is not related to chatting but it is quite similar to sharing and viewing videos in Gmail chat easily.

gmail_videos in chat

Just by having a glimpse on the image above, you can easily understand the exact use of the feature just released by Gmail. While chatting in Gmail window, as soon you enter any video URL, a small thumbnail of it will be generated inside the chat screen and you can click on it and view the video right within the chat window. If you are wondering, whether only YouTube videos will work this way, then its not so. You can use any video link to make it work as usual. Also, for your information, this new feature will only be available if you are using chat from within your browser, and not from Gtalk or any other messenger.

Link: Official Release

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