YouTube may soon roll ‘Download Video’ option!

Recently I saw an item on my feed reader that mentioned about some YouTube videos wherein a ‘download’ option was present by default. Though there are thousand of softwares available to download videos from YouTube, but there are many such users who were desperately waiting to see such feature inside YouTube. Seems YouTube have heard such users and rolled out this feature, though all YouTube videos don’t have this option yet.


Possibly, like Orkut, YouTube too, is trying to roll out this new feature phase wise. Or YouTube may be promoting viewers to view Obama’s video, because as of now I saw this (Download) feature only in ‘many’ videos related to Obama. But I am still optimist and think YouTube is rolling this feature slowly to all its videos! 😉

(Via Lessig)


Web Design Kerala March 1, 2010

I never noticed such an option in any of the you tube videos. Thanks for sharing this information

Spa Institute June 25, 2010

Great Information about you tube. thanks for the resourse.

windows fix February 18, 2012

Great info.. but i am a bit confused because how can they handle the copy right policyes….