Orkut: Finally a scrapbook flooder for new orkut codes!!!

Important Update: This flooder is having some problems. You may subscribe to our RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future! For time being, we are closing comments and support on this post.

I have just created a firefox toolbar for orkut scrapbook flooding!
This is my first firefox extension and created in hurry!
With time will add new features like community flooding, testimonial flooding, etc to it!
Help on flooder is available @ toolbar itself!


Requirement: You must be in firefox to do this! (Download Firefox)

Click here to install scrapper for ORKUT

If a window with title software installation does not pop out look at top-right corner of page! You will see something like below! Click Edit Options to proceed…

Installing Addon - warning

Next allow Devils Workshop to install scrapper by

Installing Addon - Allowing

Now click here again to install scrapper. This time a window with title software installation will pop out!

a wInstalling Addon - Installtion

Finally restart firefox to complete installation!

Installing Addon - Restart Firefox

After successful installation you will see a toolbar added to firefox below address/navigation bar as can be seen in following screenshot.

Scrapper Toolbar

#How to use…

A. Start Flooding (click on image to enlarge)

Scrapper - Start Flooding

  1. Open any orkut scrapbook, write scrap the way you want with all formatting like colors, smilies, etc.
  2. Enter time interval in the space provided on orkut toolbar. (More on this later)
  3. After you done writing just click start flood button on toolbar instead of post scrap button provided by orkut.

B. Stop Flooding

  • Just close the tab/window and flooder will stop automatically!

# Time Interval

Time interval is time between two consecutive scraps! Small value means fast flooding

Unfortunately time interval also depend on your internet connection speed so you have very limited choice.

Here I am giving some values for time interval. Adjust as per your connection, load, etc. as these are rough values.

  • 56 kbps : 2500-3500
  • 128 kbps: 1500-2500
  • 256 kbps: 1000-1500
  • 512 kbps: 800-1200
  • 1Mbps: 500-800
  • 2Mbps: 300-500
  • 8Mbps: 100-200

Just play with few intervals for the first time. Once you get some value working for you, always use the same! πŸ™‚


  1. Go to Tools >> Add-ons in firefox command menu!
  2. A small window named Add-ons will pop-out showing list of installed add-ons.
  3. Click uninstall next to scrapper.
  4. Restart firefox to complete the installation!’


1. I got “page not found error” and I can’t scrap anyone now πŸ™

This happens when you use flooder a lot. Orkut disables your account temporarily (usually for 10-15 hours). So just have a break! May be this is time to take a bath! πŸ˜‰

2. I got error: Bad, bad server. No donut for you”

This normally means orkut server is overloaded. You just start flooding again with small increase in time interval. If you are getting this error again and again you should flood later.

3. Flooder stops after sending 2-3 scraps! :O

This happens when you provide very high time interval! Boy you are flooding so just try to half the time interval repeatedly until you go!

If you any other question feel free to ask… Wish u happy flooding… πŸ™‚

4. Can I flood any scrapbook?

No the person you are flooding must be in your friend-list!

#Update History:
Year 2007:

  • August 27 – Updated again for new Orkut (Read more about new orkut). Maintaining two versions now for old as well as new orkut!
  • August 20 – Updated to work with new scrapbook features (Read More about new features). Added Automatic Update support so this is last time you have to go through all the pain of reinstalling this!
  • August 10 – Updated for firefox as well as new orkut codes to detect empty scraps!

Year 2006:

  • October 29 – Scrapper updated to work with firefox 2.0!
  • September 13 – Scrapper failed to work during last few days due to new search box in top-right corner inserted by orkut.


rohit August 10, 2006

nice work dude…..

saboor September 6, 2007

its not working πŸ™

Darnell Clayton August 10, 2006

Hey Rahul,

I tested this hack out, and it did not work (well, it did, but for only one or two scraps).

I have seen several Orkut hacks become “non-functional” lately, which makes me think Google is doing everything it can to hinder potental spam programs.

I did a review on Inside Orkut if you care to look. Let me know when the latest update comes.


Anonymous August 10, 2006

some minutes work then it says this

Page not found

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.

Rahul Bansal August 10, 2006

Thanx Darnell for ur review…
its really pleasure to be reviewed on ur blog…
man flooder is still workin n jus tested it…
actually i wz quite sure about its performance n wudn’t hv cared if somebody else complained…

bt u can check out following
its my account for testing pupose so dnt scrap in it….


abhijeet arora January 5, 2008

u git its not at all workin

Rahul Bansal August 10, 2006

“PAGE NOT FOUND ERROR” will never show up on flooder failure….

Try it again dude n also check scrapbook link in above comment so confirm the success of flooder…

Rahul Bansal August 11, 2006


Anonymous August 11, 2006

This wht i got after i clicked on the downlaod link…. whts the matter?

Download file

Sorry, but download disabled for file “scrapper.xpi”.


hay man where is scrapper is not working right now man

Amey August 12, 2006

can u put it at mozilla official site, i have searched there but it seems that they have previous version

Rahul Bansal August 14, 2006

r u using firefox???
it will not work without firefox…
there is no prob with downloading..
jus checked!!!

Anonymous August 14, 2006

hiiiii i m unable to dowmload scrapper.xpi

Wanderer August 15, 2006

i think orkut has fixed this

Rahul Bansal August 16, 2006


Fixing things like these are not easy thought its possible in theory!

Rahul Bansal August 16, 2006

I submitted scrapper on mozilla’s official website from 5-dayz but still they haven’t approved it!
I dont think they will allow such things on their official website! πŸ™

Anonymous August 17, 2006

Page not found

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.

this error i gets after 2-3 mins..plz solve tht problem

Rahul Bansal August 18, 2006

On uploadgalaxy, when counter reaches zero u can see download this file button.. u hv to hit that button before 120 seconds otherwise it starts counter again….
Also check turn-off ur pop-up blocker if its active!!!
To assure u, just downloaded scrapper from uploadgalaxy… πŸ™‚

Anonymous August 18, 2006

yaar i am unable to download this bcz it opens just a page of uploadglaxy.com
when i click on download this page come agaian and have 2 wait again for 30 seconds
all this thng repeat again and again but nthng to download:(

Pratik September 1, 2006

I really admire orkut, especially the way we get to meet old friends there.
But theres an essential problem with these kinds of sites..
in their bid to make the huge no of people communicate easily with each other, security often goes for a toss.

thats where i think newer social networking sites, especially Grupus.com are making their mark.
Using them u instantly get the feeling that privacy and security are their top priorities.

that said, there should be some definite solution on scrapbook flooding..sumtimes it gets very irritating.

tushar September 3, 2006

hey rahul i think u shud check it once again as it dosen’t works.
at most it sends 2 scraps and then a message tells that u must wait sm minutes to send more scraps.
i think google team is really a smart one.
by the way can u help me i’m a budding programmer and need sm expert advice which u seem quite capable to give.

Rahul Bansal September 3, 2006

To: Tushar
U’ll get that massage when u r flooding in a person’s scrapbook who is not on ur friend list!

I flooded yesterday 1000+ scraps to one of my friend!

So check out n lemme know if i got ur prob right!

Anonymous September 3, 2006

Can I use a Specific Message for scrap book Flooding ???

Anonymous September 3, 2006

Can i use a specific comment or a word to use for flooding like bye 1000 times ???

neo September 8, 2006

yo man ur tool works like a charm.. though after some time orkut blocks it.. it works .. try after few mins..

Rahul Bansal September 13, 2006

TO: Anonymous
you can use any message with all kind of formatting! Type whatever you want to flood in scrapbox provided by orkut and just hit start flood button on toolbar instead of submit button provided by orkut.

Rahul Bansal September 13, 2006

TO: Anonymous
No. Scrapper does not keep track of no. of scraps being sent. Still ypu can do it manually.
To get an idea about its speed. You have to observe scrap-count periodically.
e.g. Time interval of 1000 milisecond does not mean the person will get 3600 scraps over an hour!

Rahul Bansal September 13, 2006

TO: Neo
You got it right dude.

TO: All Orkutians
please use it with interval and don’t scrap someone like 500+ scraps in a session.
Your account many get block temporarily.

Rahul Bansal September 13, 2006

yep.. just noticed this… wil correct scrapper!
thanx dude! it was more than comment!

Rahul Bansal September 13, 2006

corrected scrapper… but need an hour to make it avilable for download!

VIP September 13, 2006

Orkut has introduced a search bar and hence, it becomes the first textarea and hence, the scrapper fills that…

Sushant September 16, 2006






Rahul Bansal September 17, 2006

To: Sushant
Its already modified for that…
read post again… πŸ™‚

Rahul Bansal September 17, 2006

To: Arvind
Sorry to delete your ccomment… it was nice…
but there was no space in between super,super,..
so it was affecting design of this in Internet Explorer…
my sidebar was going to the bottom of page n this post became really hard to read…
sorry arvind… thanx 4 that anyway.. πŸ™‚

Anonymous September 19, 2006

I M not able to use the scrap flooder. i have installed the grease monkey and the orkut toolbar. But when i download Scrapper.xpi it gets downloaded to the hard disk and then when i try to open it the comp is unable to open the file and plus it also now says that it is not a valid Win 32 application. what the hel.

Anonymous September 20, 2006

I M not able to use the scrap flooder. i have installed the grease monkey and the orkut toolbar. But when i download Scrapper.xpi it gets downloaded to the hard disk and then when i drag it in firefox it try to open it in java(TM)2 Platform standard edition and then an error msg invalid or corrupt file……

Rahul Bansal September 20, 2006

Scrapper will be downloaded to hard-disk only!
U can always drag-n-drop it on firefox!
For win32 application error i cant say much as scrapper is not an application but it is an extension.
For java related error try updating your java plug-in for firefox!

Also scrapper will work only with firefox 1.5.x!

Anonymous September 20, 2006

thanks 4 reply. but i am still unable to start it. First ur URL address is inaccessible so i use unipeak to access. when i download the scrapper, it download a file gethtml.php. when i unzip it, it creats two file install.rdf, chrome.mani and a folder name chrome which contain scrapper.jar file. and no xpi file.

i am very thankful if u send the direct download link and anyother help.

Rahul Bansal September 21, 2006

man which platform u r using??
Did u installed firefox 1.5+ ???
Cause i tested it twice a day…
yesterday as well as today…
theres no prob…

scrapper.xpi will be downloaded to your hard-disk. Just open it in firefox or u can just drag-n-drop it on firefox.
When u do this firefox will prompt u to install it!

Rahul Bansal September 21, 2006

The orkut has now got a way to stop the scrap flooder. It now prevents sending too many messages in a minute and hence the scrap flooder is not working now.

Anonymous September 22, 2006

man which platform u r using??
Did u installed firefox 1.5+ ???
Cause i tested it twice a day…
yesterday as well as today…
theres no prob…

I am using firefox i have solved the problem. actually when i download it, a file name gethtml.php was created which could not be opened in firefox, but when i chaned the extension of php to xpi then it was installed.

Thanks to u and a very big hand for RAHUL

Rabimba September 25, 2006

Well I think the newly implemented captcha system of orkut is preventing
it to flood anymore. after the 3rd scrap it is getting blocked

can’t you do anything about it?

Rahul Bansal September 28, 2006

nope… scrapper is working fine… just tested it with 110+ scraps in one go…

u might be flooding someone’s scrapbook who is not in ur friend-list!

Sachin October 6, 2006


not working

i got this error
Page not found

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.

wat shold i do???

Rahul Bansal October 12, 2006

To: Sachin
I think u got that error after flooding say 500+ scraps!
Normally u get that error after a BIG flood and then u can scrap someone even manually!

the only solution to this is try flooding after some time!

NAZISH AHMED October 22, 2006

heyyyy dear,

i am not to flood yaar…how should i use it ???? i write time interval and click on start flood .but it not working…owien oweinnnn:(

nazzy October 22, 2006

help me out plz

Rahul Bansal November 4, 2006

To: Nazzy

what type of error message u got??(if any)

tel me the time interval u hv used! Also list as much details as possible!

sorry 4 replyin late!

Anonymous November 10, 2006

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.

this error i gets after 2-3 mins..plz solve tht problem

Anonymous November 17, 2006

thanx man!! i do search engine optimisaiton .i put it in my profile in orkut named search engine optimisation. thanx– search engine optimisation

Parth November 27, 2006

i ve broadband i used many diff time intervals 1000 1200 1300 nt workin properly. works only 4 4-5 scraps..

Anonymous January 13, 2007

only 3 scraps at a time

nambad March 15, 2007

hey i m not able to scrap
it gives n error
can neone help me out

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.

pls help me and send me a mail on [email protected]
thaank you

Rahul Bansal March 17, 2007

@Anonymous (we are sorry..)
Its either temp. problem or effect of overflooding. Anyway I guess it has solved now!

Try Intervals like 100-200!

@Anonymous (3-4 scraps a time)
Try lowering interval! Better go for half d value u hv tried earlier!

Its either temp. problem or effect of overflooding. Anyway I guess it has solved now!

Rahul Bansal March 18, 2007

I had same experience long time back!
As I remember it will restore ur acoount soon! (probably it is restored by this time)
But my account got deleted after around 20 days!
so be careful to back-up ur friend-list! So if ur account gets deleted it will be easy for u to invite all ur friend in one shot from new account! πŸ™‚

ebe March 18, 2007


I had sent around 500 scraps to a friend of mine using the javascript. Now, I get the following message

“Page not found

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists. “

To my grief, Orkut does not allow me to scrap anyone. What do I do? Is this problem temporary or has Orkut blocked me from scrapping permanantely.


vishal March 23, 2007

Hi Rahul, thanks for making this great script. It works great but its adding a random number to each post in silver color.
when i push start flooding it adds silver [xxxxxxx(number)] to the text area and it changes wth every scrap.
What should i do. FF

Rahul Bansal March 25, 2007

random no. is necessary to alter the content of consecutive scraps! without that you will get message like “this text has been posted too recently”!

by d way i’m working on its next version which will use some other techniques to skip orkut error messages without using random no.!

But due to exams n tight schedule it may take another a month or two! πŸ™‚

shahid April 5, 2007


can you plz tell me how to set time itnerval to 20 seconds because when ever i flood any scrap book which is not added to my friends list after 3 msgs it says you have to wait for 1 min or if it works upto 7 posts after that it says wait upto 7 mins

i think this problem can be solved if i put the time interval of 20 seconds between each msg.

Rahul Bansal April 8, 2007

First Thing: You can not flood any strangers scrapbook. (The person has to be on ur friend list + He shouls not added you to his ignore-list)

Time Interval: You can always control that using Time Interval field in scrap flooder Toolbar!

Please note that, Time interval depend on your connection speed. (Higher the connection speed, less time interval is needed)

One more thing : if time interval is too low or too high flooding will not take place. So you may need to play a little bit to optimize time interval! πŸ™‚

sarthak April 10, 2007

thanx..very well done indeed…all hands down

Ranjeet April 21, 2007

when i start flooding..after flooding 3 or 4 post..it says “u recently posted same scrap..wait for 1 minute”.

Rahul Bansal May 2, 2007

Ur welcome buddy… Welcome To Devils Workshop! πŸ™‚

Tested it! Working fine! Try reducing time interval! Or give more details like ur internet speed, etc… πŸ™‚

Thalib May 8, 2007

yo thx man!! it workz perfctly!!! u rOK!!

Rahul Bansal May 12, 2007

Dude links in above post are right. (Checked myself)
Actually they were modified but was never pointing to deleted links.
I guess you might be tried link from some other site in that case you can any of the above link.
Anyways you can click here to download scrapbook flooder extension!
Lemme know if problem persists… πŸ™‚

Siddharth May 12, 2007

dude, on megashare, it shows that its been deleted by the admin, so upload it on mediafire.com dude….

plz do it…

Abhinav Sood June 3, 2007

Not working for me .. it stops after sometime without evn writin a single post ..

Rahul Bansal June 4, 2007

@Abhinav Sood
You were right! Sorry for trouble πŸ™
Updated Scrapbook flooder and tested it too!
Happy Flooding πŸ˜‰

shivesh June 25, 2007

Page not found

We’re sorry, but there is no orkut.com Web page matching your entry. It is possible that you typed the address incorrectly, or that the page no longer exists.

this error i gets after 2-3 mins..plz solve tht problem

Rabimba July 21, 2007

Rahul have you tested it recently?
It is not working anymore. I tried with different time intervals too.

Rahul Bansal July 22, 2007

Actually it was not working for last 2-3 days but it should be working again by now!
Test again and let me know!
Sorry for inconvenience… πŸ™

crazy August 6, 2007

its not working……….

manav August 10, 2007

its not at all working

Rahul Bansal August 10, 2007

Updated! Its working now…. πŸ™‚
Please Reinstall it!
Sorry for inconvenience! πŸ™

tariq August 19, 2007

hey Bro Its Not WorKINg WaT ShOUld I DO!
Do U haV any other ONE!

alu August 19, 2007

not working

Rahul Bansal August 20, 2007

Updated Again! Its working now. πŸ™‚
Also added support for automatic update!
So next time Orkut changes something, you will get new scrapper automatically! Kool na?? πŸ˜‰

Thanks Tariq, Alu & Sarah for bringing it to my notice! πŸ™‚
Sorry for delay as I was out of town on weekend! πŸ™

Faizan August 27, 2007

I have used flood scrapper with old orkut look but can i use it with new look of orkut?
and from where to get an update?

Rahul Bansal August 27, 2007


Updated scrapbook flooder for new look of orkut!
Check scrapper installation link in posts for new orkut.

You need not to remove old scrapper manually as this will overwrite previous version automatically! πŸ™‚

nikhil August 23, 2007

we’re sorry, but you must wait 1 more minute(s) before you can post another scrap to this scrapbook because you have posted other scraps too recently
this is da msg i get wen i try 2 flood!!!!!!

neway 2 combat this??????

Rahul Bansal August 24, 2007

Hello Nikhil…

It seems you are trying to flood a person’s scrapbook who is not in your friend-list!

You can not use scrapper on any person who is not in your friend list! πŸ™

khan August 25, 2007

can i have its source code plz

Rahul Bansal August 27, 2007

Hello Khan,
First sorry for replying late as I don’t blog on weekend!
Now You can have source code of any firefox extension! πŸ™‚

1. Just open the Install link from IE or any lame browser!
2. It will get downloaded as a file on your harddisk with extension .xpi
3. Just change that extension from .xpi to .zip
4. Uncompress the final zip file using any zip utility (preferably WinRar)!

Also if your are on Linux .xpi files can be uncompressed directly!

Finally feel free to reply if you stuck somewhere. Its really good to see someone is interested in source code! πŸ™‚

rohit August 28, 2007

dude its(scrapper for new orkut) working only in my scrap book not my frnds

Rahul Bansal August 28, 2007

Sorry for trouble rohit!
I tested it on my scrapbook only!
Anyway its WORKING now on friends scrapbook too… πŸ™‚
You may need to update it manually as I am new to version controlling…

rohit August 28, 2007

this(new look) works only for own scrap book

Rahul Bansal August 28, 2007

Install updated version dude!
This is definitely flooding others scrapbook for new orkut looks! πŸ™‚

rohit August 28, 2007

its working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

Rahul Bansal August 28, 2007

Ur welcome buddy!
For one second you dried my mouth…. Cause I am really having hard time here at DW making old hacks compatible with new Orkut!
Anyway Welcome To Devils Workshop! πŸ˜‰

umar chaudhry August 30, 2007

yaar fit cheez hai ye flooder but yaar aik kam aur karo plz yaar ye max aik time main 500 must flood kare anywayz thanx

Rahul Bansal August 30, 2007

Thanks umar!
Thoda time milne par update karunga! Fir jitne bole utne scrap bina rukawat ke jayenge! πŸ™‚

Saurav Rout August 30, 2007

Working Perfect…

Rahul Bansal August 30, 2007

Thanks Sourav 4 positive feedback! πŸ™‚

I really appreciated it as very few people gives positive comments. Most of the time I see people comment when things are not working!

tariq September 6, 2007

hey yar it hav stop working again yestarday it was working but doesnt!

Rahul Bansal September 6, 2007

Just updated it!
I guess u have noticed it when u started firefox!
Else run “find updates” from “tools >> add-ons” in firefox! πŸ™‚

ekansh saxena September 6, 2007

well rahul… i should say.. its really great… and thankx for providing this add on… and your efforts…. appriciated really… thankx man…

Rahul Bansal September 14, 2007

Thanks 4 your nice and encouraging comment ekansh! πŸ™‚
Welcome To Devils Workshop! πŸ˜‰

Yaser September 14, 2007

Hey … gr8 job yaar … but i want to ask something … when i start flooding … why only 147 scraps comes ? .. i want to do 1000 :$ pls help πŸ™‚

Thanxxx From


Rahul Bansal September 18, 2007

First sorry yaser for late rep! πŸ™

Now about your question!
Well its hard to do that in one shot as Orkut bans u!
So better go for 100 scraps each day or create 10 fake profile and flood scrapbook from 10 profiles!

Yaser September 19, 2007

hey its ok, thanxxxxxxxxxxxxx a million bhai i hope you rock more and more πŸ˜‰

sid October 16, 2007

hey rahul … it works few times … but now i am trying its not working ….

Rahul Bansal October 22, 2007

First sorry for late reply! πŸ™

If this script stops before 300 scraps then please reduce time interval and go on!

if u r getting temporarily blockedthen dont worry as ban will last for 8-10 hours!

If u still need help… write bak! πŸ™‚

Praateek October 17, 2007

Hey its doing everything every no. such as the no. 18251328 is coming after my word but the scraps are not increasing

Rahul Bansal October 22, 2007

First sorry for late reply! πŸ™
Scraps will increase in background while flooding is in progress!

just refresh the scrapbook! πŸ™‚

naveen November 28, 2007

hey is not workin yet,,de same prob,,
the no gets incrementin but de message s not displayed…
let be clear pls

Karthik October 24, 2007

Hey. Its not working for me. I enter the time interval and select start flood. the number in silver keeps on changing. after a min, I stop to check how many scraps have been added and it shows the same number as before.


4uwhoami October 27, 2007

hey this is not working ..

shows flooding..

but when checked on the scrap book…not even one scrap added….

a October 30, 2007

well i don’t know what iz flooder so plz can u tell me shortly about it i am thankful to u

Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

First sorry for late reply dude… πŸ™

Now scrapper is a program (in case firefox addon) which perform one task repeatedly… sending a scrap to orkut user!

This may sound stupid but people do this to increase their own scrap, to impress other non-geek orkut user, or simply want to make someone feel special on their birthdays by wishing them hundreds of time with such a program! (I personally use this for last reason…) πŸ˜‰

kanav November 7, 2007

hey i hav speed of internet 54 mbps so which time interval shul i use

Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

First sorry for late reply dude… πŸ™

First 54Mbps may be speed of your LAN!

Anyway start with 50 as time interval.

If flooding stops after sending few scraps and without returning any error try intervals like 40, 30, 20, 10…

If flooding stop but no. of scraps sent are less than expected or no scraps has been sent at all then try increasing interval like 100, 150, 250, 400,…

Sorry but this trial-n-error works best! πŸ˜‰

Rahul Bansal November 14, 2007

@Karthik & 4uwhoami
First sorry for late reply guyz… πŸ™

Now let me know which time interval u r using???

Also u can flood only ur and ur friend scrapbook provided ur friend havent put u on their ignore list!

Also u can not flood more than 300+ scraps at once in 12 hours. This is restriction created by orkut… πŸ™

lucky November 30, 2007

[b] its not working dude

Rahul Bansal December 5, 2007

hey lucky, it was working fine man!
Actually there was one wrong link in the post!

I guess u downloaded scrapper from it!

Please try again as all links are updated… πŸ™‚

N sorry for late reply man! πŸ™

lucky December 1, 2007

how to find out our computer connection speed??

Rahul Bansal December 5, 2007

There are technical ways to find it but u dont need exact speed to use flooder!

Use approximately… or watever u can see on your bill! πŸ™‚

N0T0Ri0uS gUrL December 6, 2007

heYz i dOwNlOaDeD D ScRaPpEr!
buH fLoOdIns tAkIn lOaDs o TyM!


N FlOoDiN StOp kAiSe kAru??[:(]

Rahul Bansal December 6, 2007

@N0T0Ri0uS gUrL
To stop flooding close tab/window! πŸ™‚

You can reduce time interval if your internet connection is fast enough!

N0T0Ri0uS gUrL December 9, 2007

[b]ArEe ExPlAiN WoTs TaB/WiNdOwS![;)]

Vo He bAaT SaMaJh mAi nAi aAtI![:P]

Rahul Bansal December 11, 2007

You seems new to firefox. So forget about tab/window and just close firefox to stop flooding!

Or you can press “ESC” key or click on any link in scrapbook!

Deep December 19, 2007

Hi guyz
Dis is Deep Here

M facing a problem In my Orkut Account

I cannot Open my Scrapbook

After some one Sent me a scrap

When i M trying to view dat page

a pop-up is appearing n Showing a message

The page http://www.orkut.com says
page logged out :p

Plz give me some idea to Solve dis problem

I need to Delete the single Scrap Which came

From that bloody fucker

Plz help me friends

Thanks in Advance


Rahul Bansal December 19, 2007

Sorry for wrong solution in earlier comment!
Anyway I got it right now…
Just read this and your problem will be solved 100%… πŸ™‚

sagar January 11, 2008

M facing a problem In my Orkut Account

I cannot Open my Scrapbook

After some one Sent me a scrap

When i M trying to view dat page

a pop-up is appearing n Showing a message

//first go to http://www.powerscrap.net

then login in your orkut id
after you search blanck scraps then delete thease blank scraps,it works

Jassi December 19, 2007

tank u people…………………

Rahul Bansal December 20, 2007

Ur welcome Jassi… πŸ™‚
Welcome To Devils Workshop… πŸ˜‰

N0T0Ri0uS gUrL December 21, 2007

[b] look!mera firefox udd gaya tha[:P]
toe mene naya download kiya[:(]scrapper udd toe gaya!
phirse install kiya!
nahi vo pop up aa raha hai n nor dat edit optionz!

how d hell m i guna proceed further?[:x]


Rahul Bansal December 21, 2007

Thik se check karo!
Top-Right side me edit options naam ka option aa raha hoga..
Pehla screenshot dekho!

N0T0Ri0uS gUrL December 21, 2007

nuPz nOi hAi!

Rahul Bansal December 27, 2007

@N0T0Ri0uS gUrL
Sorry but I cant support you any more!
next time write in detail wat steps u hv followed + wat error messages u got + any information which may help to solve ur prob!

Or catch me on messenger sometime…

wishin you merry xmas and a very happy new year!

dav December 27, 2007

i think so if this flo0d can work then it won’t be difficult for a small addition in it and that is

different scraps(msgs) means several like its done one by one in my opinion that wud b better.. so0 is it possible bro ?? Thanks …

Rahul Bansal December 27, 2007

First Sorry for late reply as I went offline for Xmas vacations! πŸ™

Now about thing you are askin…
Its possible very much bro! In fact this was in my planning. But due to my other projects this extension has suffered very much… πŸ™

wishin you merry xmas and a very happy new year!

sagar January 11, 2008

very much thanq you

it is a nice trick,you r geneous person

Rahul Bansal January 11, 2008

Your welcome sagar! πŸ™‚
Hope ur problem has been solved!

ishan January 20, 2008

hi !! i got a problem ..

the scraps after 100 to 150 scraps and then the account freezez!!! please do help me !

reply me a bit fast . thanks a lot!!!

Rahul Bansal January 20, 2008

DONT worry ishan as orkut normally block people for around 8-10 hours whenever they flood.
Sorry for late reply but I guess everything will be fine by the time you will read this comment! πŸ™‚

cool January 28, 2008

bhai u r ultimate……

Rahul Bansal January 29, 2008

Thanks for positive comment buddy! πŸ™‚

zar January 29, 2008

hi Rahul!!
ist of all how r u? well u hav made an awsome thing i realy liked that buddy beliv me im very glad to see it… nice work buddy
im not havin any problem in it just want 2 say its cool stuff… can i hav ur orkut id πŸ˜› i want 2 increase my scraps so do me a favour n flod for me :p loool sowy 4 waisting ur time
ill see what reply u gonna give 2me πŸ˜‰
tc alot hav a nice day…

Rahul Bansal January 29, 2008

I personally do not prefer using scrap all or any sort of flooder so I wont be able to flood ur account!

By the way my orkut profile link is here! πŸ™‚

zaR January 29, 2008

Aha Thanks buddy πŸ˜€ I hav added u dere
Well ur flooder is Workin kewl here πŸ˜‰
ty ty πŸ˜› See yaWwwwww Take care Ba Byee Catch ya 2morrow today i wouldnt come online na :(…
ba byeeeeeeeeeeee n do allow me in ur friends πŸ˜› tC

zaR January 29, 2008

an one thing more nice reply πŸ˜› frm ur side kewl πŸ˜› byee NowWzz Finally~~

Rahul Bansal January 30, 2008

Ur welcome zar… πŸ™‚
Welcome To Devils Workshop… πŸ˜‰

ishan January 30, 2008

hey dude scrapbook stops after 100 to 150 scraps … i take the time interval as 790 my dsl speed is 110 kbps .. please do help me thnxxx

Rahul Bansal January 31, 2008

100-150 Scraps is good score! πŸ˜€

Actually last time I confirmed orkut was temporarily blocking users after flooding 280 scraps…

So if you are getting blocked by orkut after 150 scraps then we can say orkut has lowered the limit… [very bad news… :(]

If flooder itself stopping then rather playing with time interval just hit [b]start flood[/b] button again as anyway 150+150 will exceed orkuts limit of 280 and you will be blocked for 8-10 hours! πŸ™

sugandh February 1, 2008

ur flooder war workin perfect in my PC bet now its not workin
it stops after sending 2-3 scrap
i readed FAQ
i also halfed the time inerval but its still not workin
What 2 do???

Rahul Bansal February 11, 2008

Sorry for late reply buddy!
Try reducing time interval further…
Until you get some results… πŸ™‚

sam February 27, 2008

hey hi rahul, dude i start flooding my net connection speed is 1 mb per sec i have use 500 as a time interval but after 20 scraps it stop increasing my scraps but the coundown didnt stop in my scrap book…[:s]….can yew plz help me n tell me that how can i have a more than 500 or 1000 scraps a day…?


Rahul Bansal March 2, 2008

Hello sam… First sorry for late reply..
Now try intervals of 100-200 range! πŸ™‚
Also let me know if flooder just stops or you get “temporary block” message from orkut?

pranav March 22, 2008

flood can help you

Pritesh Gupta March 24, 2008

Hi am Pritesh Gupta i tried it and it really worked but it can work only from our account itself bcoz after 2-3 scraps in other account it comes to write the code. and the content which i am writing is not shown something else is shown.

Pritesh Gupta

Rahul Bansal March 26, 2008

@Pritesh Gupta
I guess you were trying to flood a users scrapbook who is not in your friend-list!

To stop it – Close the tab/window in which flooding is on!
Silver thing – Its a random string need to be attached to each scrap. You can’t send same scarp twice continuously. So some random string is needed to fool orkut!

zain March 26, 2008

how do we stop it
n wht does come in scrapbook written silver n some numbers

Ashish March 26, 2008

Hey Awesome Buddy……..But my scraps quantity iz same as before….[:(] i want to increase that Quantity No. like 5,240 scraps…. i want them 999999 scraps [:D]
Hw its possible??

vivek April 1, 2008

thnks man…bt my flooder is nt workin..i hav a bsnl broadband connection(250 pack)…what value should i enter in the time interval?

Rahul Bansal April 1, 2008

Whats your internet connection speed??
I guess try around 100+/-50 n so…

Gary April 1, 2008

Rahul…..when i start scrap flood i could only post 3 scraps at a time…..please help

Rahul Bansal April 2, 2008

Try reducing Time Interval buddy! πŸ™‚

Nitin April 2, 2008

Scrapper = Ultimate Win!

Is there a per day cap on scraps? I managed about 90 on 56.6k

Gary April 2, 2008

rahul i’m gary again…..mine in bsnl broadband(250)can u please saytime intervel suited 4 it…[:)]

Rahul Bansal April 2, 2008

Yes. I guess you can’t send more than 200 scraps in 8-10 hours window. You get blocked otherwise. Scrapper may stop earlier too, nut in that case just start flooding again.

Try these values: 50,100,150,200
One of these should work for you!

Nitin April 2, 2008

Oh no!
It’s asking for a captcha after some scraps. Can you make it so that it automatically stops flooding when it detects a captcha and the upon entry, resumes again?

Rahul Bansal April 2, 2008

CAPTCHA means you are flooding some who is not on your friend list.
This is not possible, as I already mentioned in FAQ… πŸ˜€

ishan April 5, 2008


i have broadband with speed 3.5 MBPS . whta time interval should i try to flood my scap book!!


Rahul Bansal April 7, 2008

Sorry for late reply as I was out on weekend… πŸ™
Now, try interval of 10, 20 or 50.

zain April 7, 2008

MaN it doesnt flood more then one or two scraps
n what is interval
i have 10.0 mbps internet

Rahul Bansal April 9, 2008

Try 10, 20, 30 n so on!
And I don’t think you are having 10 mbps internet, it must be ur LAN speed!

abhishek April 10, 2008


i am using this flooder before 1 month and that time it was working fine …..

but , now i used the time inteval 500 ( net speed = 512Kbps)

but after 2 scraps it stops working ????

and when i used time interval 100 then ,after 30 sec i closed my browser and again opened orkut , but it showed following message :-

We’re sorry…

… but your query looks similar to automated requests from a computer virus or spyware application. To protect our users, we can’t process your request right now.

We’ll restore your access as quickly as possible, so try again soon. In the meantime, if you suspect that your computer or network has been infected, you might want to run a virus checker or spyware remover to make sure that your systems are free of viruses and other spurious software.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and hope we’ll see you again on Google.

Rahul Bansal April 10, 2008

First the error message means flooder and/or other orkut tools/scripts you have used, for example scrap-all script, worked!
All I can say is do not use flooder greedily, your account may get deleted.
Just let me know few things…
1. If scraps in scrapbook you were flooding are increased or not?
2. Any other tools/scripts you have used (knowingly or unknowingly…)

Abhishek April 10, 2008

Thank you for replying .

1. I was trying on my scrap book & only 2-3 scrap came .

2. No i am not using any other tool/scripts for flooding .

same problem is coming with ur scrap to all script(with HTML) in my orkut i.e GOOGLE error as written above !!

shree April 22, 2008


its not working………….

Rahul Bansal April 24, 2008

Hey sorry for late reply buddy.. πŸ™
I am sure the error you said comes only when you flood too much.
Now you may be victim of a new spam scrap… saying view locked album or this profile has your photo… etc
Don’t respond to such scraps!

what error did you get?
provide details…

Kanna April 24, 2008

Hi, i installed this. now i am not able to send scraps at all even after uninstalling. pls help

Rahul Bansal April 24, 2008

When you flood too much, you get temporary ban by orkut. It last for 8-10 hours.
You will be able to use Orkut automatically after that.
Don’t worry much… πŸ™‚

varun June 1, 2008

can u xplain me about time interval……
whats 2500-3500 is it seconds or what
i installed it and my scraps increased from 5 to 21 and i changed the time and waited for some time and i got 403 forbidden from orkut…
can u tell me how to use it properly
and thanks in advance
but u r absolutely brilliant….

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

What is your internet connection speed??
Time interval depends on it… πŸ™‚

varun June 3, 2008

its 64kbps

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Try 500 / 700 / 1000

varun June 3, 2008

at what rate does it increase

varun June 3, 2008

beside a scrap i got silver(id) and its not stopin

varun June 3, 2008

what should i do can u explain me plzzzz
if u r in orkut thn give me ur id

Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Increasing rate is not fixed.
Also silver number is random string needed to make things work…

Rest all is explained in the post… πŸ™‚

Anish June 7, 2008

will this work now?

Rahul Bansal June 8, 2008

Not sure…
Haven’t tested this from long time…

Anish June 8, 2008

Please if u have any codes or software for community member flooder. please inform me.
If at all only it works for orkut now.

Rahul Bansal June 12, 2008

Sorry Anish, I don’t have anything like that… πŸ™

ATIF June 10, 2008


Rahul Bansal June 12, 2008

try interval of 50 or 60…

duffy July 8, 2008

When i click “Click Here To Install Scrapper for Orkut” a pop up comes to allow it, i pressed allow, then when it starts to install, a pop up comes saying, “Scrapper will not install because it does not provide secure updates”. what should i do??

Rahul Bansal July 8, 2008

Thanks for informing buddy.
I know the reason for problem so will fix it for sure in few hours. πŸ™‚

Nabeel July 29, 2008

it was working perfectly but now it has stoped working
i dont know why
it not giving tha 41657987
any more

Rahul Bansal July 31, 2008

Check FAQ section of the post and comments above.

nabeel August 1, 2008

hey it is working but not from one or two accounts
but plzz budy tell me the answer of this problem
that when ever it floods frequently after 9 scraps
there we have to verify words
and we cant during the flooder so i refresh and it and then
rite a single scrap and when i post it the verification request comes and i verify and then start the flooder again
plzz solve this problem

Duffy August 2, 2008

Hey dude why does it stop after sending 1 scrap??

Siddharth August 3, 2008

m facing some problems with ur Flooder…
i m using 2 Mbps net connection…
can u suggest a better time interval i m using 300 at this time ..
one more problem.. my scrapbook seems to flood but when i open my account next time no flooding takes place…???

Rahul Bansal August 5, 2008

You may be flooding someone who is not in your friend list.

Reduce time interval…

Use something around 50

Anish August 8, 2008

It really works for me.

Anish August 8, 2008

plz can u give a way to increase members in my community?
Any flooder for that?

sam August 9, 2008

when i go to scrapbook and do flooding on my friends list it does not do why is that so?

Faizan August 16, 2008

hii…Iam using BSNL broad band ..

What Time Interval is fit to it??

Neal August 17, 2008


i cant increase my scraps…..
i downloaded scrapbook flooder.xti and instaled it……

i m using firefox3.01….
still when i hit start flood,
nothing happens……
it just stays like that….

pls help me….
here is the link to my scrapbook


Princess August 18, 2008

yaaar i downloaded da scrapbook flooder and installed it….!!

well as i start flooding after few mintues it getx over i fink i din’t understand da time interval thts y itx happening ca yew plx tell me wat should i write in time iterval???..!!

plxxx reply…!!

Rahul Bansal August 21, 2008

Sorry buddy. No flooder for community.

@Sam, Faizan, Neal & Princess
All your problems are related to time interval.
Check above comments for answers.

Chakki August 21, 2008

900 interval works fine for most of the connections ..!!
njoi πŸ˜€

Pritam September 11, 2008

Hi Rahul I Install Scrapper My Flood Is Working Well But After 50 Scraps………. Its Asking Verification Code

Rahul Bansal September 13, 2008

This is limit imposed by orkut.

Pritam September 14, 2008

Thank U Rahul
How to Stop That Limit Imposed

Rahul Bansal September 14, 2008

There is no way to do that! πŸ™

Pritam September 15, 2008

Rahul Then How to Creat My 1 Lack Scrap Its Taken 1 year time….. Daily 50 Scraps Means I Wait Minimum 1 year……. Give me Any Way Or Give Me Any New javascript

Yo Yo September 16, 2008

Ya man i am also surfing the net since a month tryin to find a flooder!!!

I would also like my scrapbook to go to 1 million or somethin…..

Is’nt it possible to just change the bar where number of scraps is shown…….

For example…… puttin 199991238182739 in place of where 350 scraps is written????????????

I would really be thankfull to you!!!!!!!!!!

Pritam September 17, 2008

Hey Thank U Yo Yo

But One Confusion As Per Ur Example I Copy And Paste This Number U Told i received 350 Scraps But I received 35 Scraps Only

My Net Speed is 256 KPBS, My Interval time is 900
Me using 2PCS

PLZ Help Me

Jerry September 18, 2008

Hey Pal,

m facing some problems with ur Flooder…

i m using 2 Mbps net connection…
am not sure if am doing it rite,
can u pls let me know how to do it…

am opeing the scrap book of my frnd, then i type a message ( then type 300 in the interval and click on start )

Nothing seems to be happnig…. either to my accnt or for my frnds accnt

Help me…Am new to all this stuff

bharat September 18, 2008

hey when i jus click on start flood button..
nthin happens…
can u plz temme the reason…
i hav applied time limit to 2700…

Rahul Bansal September 18, 2008

@Yo Yo & @Pritam – You can not create 1 Lack scrap! πŸ™
Those who did join orkut long time back or use like 1000’s of account to flood one account.

@Jerry & @bharat – Go for smaller intervals. Check above comments for answers.

bharat September 21, 2008

i did it with 100 n 10 also…
bt nthin happened

Jerry September 25, 2008

hey Pal,
it’s not working, tried with smaller intervals, nothing happens.

Rahul Bansal September 25, 2008

@Bharat & Jerry
Have you gone through all FAQ answered in post?

sai September 26, 2008

i tried the floodin by vthe steps u told….it worked to azn extent later by mistake i changed the time intreval to anoher value nd it is not floodin aftr i closed my window…i.e.,, when i opened my scrap book it remained the same number there is no increase in scraps..now. can u help me out?

sai September 26, 2008

time intreval in the sense?…..
suppose…100 means 100 seconds or 100 minutes??…
but anyways i have got the mozilla…but i dont noe y it is not floodin the scraps..now!

sai September 26, 2008

ok…1 more question……after floodin to a limit..u can not flood after that?.

Pritam September 26, 2008

Good Quation Sai @sai

jerry October 8, 2008

Hi Rahul,

i have been trying to figure this out from last few days, from some reason am not able to do it, have tried all the time interval from 2, 3, 4, 5,….10, 20 …… 100…. 1000 nothing seems to be working.
tried to uninstall and reinstall the flooder, can u plz help me out

Rahul Bansal October 8, 2008

@Pritam & @sai
Once limit is over you get blocked for 8-10 hours… πŸ˜‰

Sorry to here that… It may happen you were trying to flood after crossing limit.
If you just could nt send one single scrap using flooder then let me know…

karan October 9, 2008

hey buddy
whn i click on start flood
nothing happens

karan October 9, 2008

i cant send even n single scrap frm flooder
plz help me

priya October 9, 2008

not wrking…:((

Hamas October 10, 2008


em facing some problem in using scrap flooder…
ma net net speed is 512 kbps..
& i have tried set a time limit in flooder 500-1200..
after i press “”start flood”” the numbers start coming along wid ma scrap.
now the problem…
i wait for 10-15 min. but not a single scrap added..
can uplz help me..??

Jerry October 10, 2008

– hi Rahul,
iam not able to send a single scrap with the flooder, not even 1…
tell me wht to do…?

abishek October 11, 2008

wat is the time interverl dude and where i can find it dude please tell me i m waiting dude please tell me

MOix October 24, 2008

dude it is not working:(

Deepak October 28, 2008

@ Rahul:
For me as well it is not working now πŸ™
Please let me know how to fix it?

Jarry November 7, 2008

Hey!!! Plzz Help Mee

When I Click START FLOOD Nothing Happens

PlZZ Tell Me

vineet November 10, 2008

yaar nothing’s happening

I’ve done everything u told ………. still not working…

pavan November 16, 2008

nuthin is happening dude

deepak November 18, 2008


hi its nor workin …….

kk December 2, 2008

it is not wrking….plz koi do na jisse netframe na lage…!!

Rahul Bansal December 2, 2008

This doesnt require .NET framework

Pritam December 2, 2008

Hey Rahu Its Not Working Dude Do Something

ateeq December 11, 2008

hi ateeq here plz help me

i have donload every thing include fire fox and scrapp flooder all steps i did but i am unable to post scrap to any of freind

no scrap posted by flooder

wen i clik on flooder there is no reaction on account or website

so plz tell me wat i can doo

harsh December 11, 2008

nothin happens when i hit start flood please help me and reply me soon

nrj December 16, 2008

not wotking

Harman December 21, 2008

it did not worked . nothing happened….y????