Orkut Skins (New GreaseMonkey Scripts)

Important Update: Orkut launched theme feature officially now. (Read More…)

Hey pals,
got bore with same blue orkut background???
wanna change the way your orkut looks??no… don’t rush to news section on orkut… its GREASEMONKEY again..
and again its for FIREFOX users only…
so if you don’t have Firefox get it first!!!

Giving below links to few themes… actually they are GreaseMonkey scripts…

Click on your favorite color to change your orkut background d way U like…

  • black
  • blue
  • cream
  • my_skin
  • orange
  • orkut_cinza
  • orkut_soldier
  • preto_laranja
  • purple
  • purple_v2
  • hotmail
  • skin_notron
  • green_reverse
  • green_normal

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75 replies on “Orkut Skins (New GreaseMonkey Scripts)”

  1. To Install Any (or all) Skin..
    1. Install Firefox
    2. Install GreaseMonkey (U’ll need to restart firefox if u r installing GreaseMonkey for d first time)
    3. Install Any or All skin(s).

    For Advance Users:
    This Skins are just GreaseMonkey scripts. So they will work with GreaseMonkey only n GreaseMonkey is firefox extension so in order to use these skins u need to have firefox & greasemonkey both!!!

    1. Just refresh the tab(s) to see the chages. No need to restart anything after installing any GreaseMonkey script. (Please note, installation of Greasemonkey itself requires restarting firefox)

    2. To switch between themes:
    From tools menu, select “MANAGE USER SCRIPTS” option.
    A Window will pop-up listing all GreaseMonkey scripts installed. Please note installing a script in different than enabling a script.
    So to select particular theme, ENABLE appropriate script (n disable others).
    To GET BLUE BACKGROUND BACK, disable all “theme” scripts. (Note, this will not uninstall scripts from ur system).

  3. Hey i have installed GreaseMonkey and i have also installed Black
    Now wht to do
    Open orkut direstly on tht same tab or restart comp. or firefox???

  4. i have installed every thing but in tools menu i can’t find install user script..please tell what i have to do…

  5. From tools menu, select “MANAGE USER SCRIPTS” option.
    There is not any “install user script option”…
    More about this option is already posted in above comment!
    Read all comments before posting one!
    Plz 🙂

  6. TO: SWATI
    No. Others will not see any changes in ur profie/background. This is local effect limited to ur browser. Even u can’t see changes, if u login from another browser or another PC.

  7. hi rahul. please tell me how to change teh background of my orkut? i trued downloading firefox but then im stuck after that. do tell me all the steps.

  8. i installd th black theme butit turns the ackground in back and not the small windows in which information is displayed, which remains blue only….is the picture provided false?????

  9. To: ANUSHUL
    No bro, pictures are true. Actually Orkut code modified recently. So some effects are not properly visible.
    Will give u updated skin guys!

    To: SANKAR
    For That we have to ask orkut to provide us with skins! Changes like this are local and concern website has nothing to-do with this!

  10. hi i changed my background and what should i do to go for normal orkut background? please help me and i cannot change the background to any other color i just stuck tote color i got first. please help me what to do now.

  11. it looks really cool!!
    one question, though..
    am i the only one who can see this?
    or will anyone using firefox, be able to see these, when they look at my orkut profile?

  12. hi i can’t seem to be able to install greasemonkey it only gives me the option to find or sav and if i save it doesnt open the folder ,help please.

  13. @Micheal
    Only u can see the skins as it is local effect!

    U need to first install firefox and them install greasemonkey from firefox!

    I already answered this question!
    Please read above comments and let me know if u still have probs! 🙂

  14. If others cant see it …thn wats the use of it ?????? Orkut is meant fr others to see wats in ours …. its useless yaaaaarrrr…..

    1. I am not forcing you too use it! 😛
      Its for people who want different looks for reasons like saving bandwidth, easier navigation, or just they got bore with same blue look!

      1. i did all the steps which you showed here but no use can you briefly tell me how to change the skin i installed both grease monkey and firefox and i even enabled grease monkey

    1. @Monica
      The trick is already with details. So please let us know steps you have successfully followed and steps where you stuck. That way we can help you better.. 🙂

      Wishing u happy new year… 🙂
      -Rahul 🙂

  15. Hey man….i installed ur orkut_soldier colour theme….when i started usin it…..the links for scraps ,pictures,fans and messages (the 1s which appear below ur first name)were not working ….i.e.wen u hover ur mouse over those lynks….the mouse cursor doesnt chng to the link cursor and even if u click on those lynks….nothing happens……….I think this is a bug in ur script 🙂

  16. when i open my orkut a/c the page is not getting displayed properly i am not gettimg the blue background,i did every thing deleted the cookies cache frm my pc scaned my pc but all in vain plz help me..

  17. i installed the blue one and it is working but can this profile, with blue color, be visible to my friends.

    when i use other web browser, there is no effect on my profile

    1. @Alpesh
      No Alpesh. The changes are local and visible to you only that’s too from same browswer.
      If you open your profile in IE or opera you will come to know that no changes have been made anywhere.

  18. what do u mean by the script will not be removed from the system
    how to removie it from the system and if i remove greasemonkey or firfox will the script be removied

    1. @Maddy
      There is a difference between disabling and uninstalling a script.
      If you want to remove script from system, you must uninstall the script.
      Details about procedure are here.

  19. hey i hav installed new orkut themes..
    but now i want to get back to normal one..
    can any1 help me out plz..

  20. when i’m using my orkut account,ihave got a message.then i clicked on that message..after that i can’t able to change the theme of my account..then if i go to change a message will appear”Select a theme below to customise how your profile and scrapbook will look to all orkut users.
    Disable themes. (Only the default orkut theme will be visible throughout the site, including on other orkut users’ profiles)
    Note: Skins are disabled on the low bandwidth mode. “so i can’t able to unmark the “disable themes”please help me.plzzzzzzzzz

  21. hi rahul bansal..
    this is sunil and i already done what all u have said to but did not find any effect i tried almost all ur themes no effect… ur blog opens in one tab and orkut in other tab then what to do just tell me…. plz…..

  22. hi rahul i have instaled the themes after that i have disable all themes accept one but i cant understand what to do next please help me………………………………………

  23. hey.. why these changes are not visible to others? i mean where lies the restricting force ,is orkut officially not allowing it?

    1. @Sasmita
      Orkut is not restricting anything here.
      You gotta be a web developer to understand restrictions here! 😉

  24. hey rahul, i have installed the matrix theme but wen i instaled it my orkut page cant display the theme for the whole page ,i mean half of the pafe is displayed with bluw and half is displayed wth matrix theme ……….so wat to do nw?

  25. I cannot see the page of my orkut acct in firefox..though the page i guess is opened…n is visible in internet explorer.
    i can though can see n make contact in the gtalk…
    so wts the problem with firefox or orkut…
    i removed n install again ..but nothing works.
    any body can help me????

  26. hi, i install firefox, but greasemonkey is not working. when i click on it, it says find save cancel… can u help me???

  27. hey i instal ema watson theam but i am nt abl to apply this theam in my orkut profil told me full procedur fr it

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