Review: IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger

This is the final post in the series of multi-protocol messengers. After desktop & web-based IM clients its time to look at mobile-platform. Mobile technology is far more versatile than others and there are many compatibility issues involved. So posting here info about only one messenger - IM+ from Shape Services. Unfortunately its not free! [...]

Review: Meebo – Web-based IM Client

#Updates: Sometimes meebo gets blocked in office! In that case try following sites which offers similar functionality like meebo! meebo koolim iloveim After posting about different PC-based multi-protocol messenger, its time to turn to web-based multi-protocol messenger. Unfortunately at the time of writing this post i don't hv many to review. I know only one [...]

Review: Multi-protocol Messengers (PC Based)

Hey pals, In this post I'm posting reviews about different multi-protocol messengers. Multi-protocol messenger is different from normal messenger in a way that you can connect to all your IM buddies using one single messenger. This means you can log in to multiple accounts on multiple IM networks simultaneously. This means that you can be [...]

Orkut Toolbar (A Must Have Extension)

Update: Click here for Orkut Toolbar for Firefox 3.0! Hey pals, first thing I used after coming to orkut is the great ORKUT TOOLBAR.... from 6 months I'm using this toolbar and but never posted it on my blog as I thought everybody might be using this... but I'm surprised to know that many users [...]

Orkut Skins (New GreaseMonkey Scripts)

Important Update: Orkut launched theme feature officially now. (Read More...) Hey pals, got bore with same blue orkut background??? wanna change the way your orkut looks??no... don't rush to news section on orkut... its GREASEMONKEY again.. and again its for FIREFOX users only... so if you don't have Firefox get it first!!! Giving below links [...]

Hacking : Rapidshare & Megaupload Cracked!!!

One great new for all downloaders... My friend Chitz running a forum and yesterday while surfing on his forum I found a great post which I tried out successfully! The post is about cracking Rapidshare and Megaupload to get premium access! Its unbelievably simple to use and you can download as many file as you [...]

Firefox extension : ImgLikeOpera

< p style="font-family: georgia">This is for all FireFox / lovers... If ever your friend using opera hurt you by saying that they can block images for the sites/pages, its time to fight-back! I feel this extension is useful for following friends... Those having slow connection (e.g. dial-up) Those having high-speed connection but getting charged as [...]

Networking : Windows 95/98/ME n Window 2000/XP LAN IPC$ problem

This is for all the pals who got IPC$ Password PromptĀ while connecting a windows 95/98/ME machine to another windows 2000/XP/2003 machine in LAN, i.e. networking between NT & non-NT machine. I tried making LAN between Windows 98 n Windows XP. Connection was successful and I accessed 98-files from XP machine without any problem but [...]

(Mobile) – Snake – High Score Crack!!!

This is for all Nokia's Symbian series SNAKE lovers...(n cracker too)... If you ever cared about high scoring in this game then you are at right place...The game have a file "Snake EX HighScores.dat" in phone memory under "systemdata" directory.Complete Path : "C:systemdataSnake EX Highscores.dat"Open this file in any Hex-editor... (I used SelQ i.e. system [...]

Orkut >> Scarpboy Messenger is here!!!

Yahoo, MSN, ICQ, mIRC, Google Talk, Rediff. gush so many messenger already there and still I'm writing about a new messenger What a fool I am!!! Don't think that way pals cause scrapboy - the messenger I'm talking about is for orkut. < p style="font-family: georgia">The messenger adds the missin realtime interaction in orkut scrappin [...]