Orkut: Fast Reply Script – Really Fast!

This is another GreaseMonkey Script For orkuttians…
This one is by Shujaat Rukh.


  1. FireFox (Not even Mozilla or SeaMonkey).
  2. Greasemonkey (You will need to restart the FireFox if installing first time).
  3. Click here to download the Script. (No restart needed for installing script).

After you have installed Firefox and Greasemonkey on your Computer…

  1. click on Script link and select Install this User Script.
  2. Log into Your Orkut account and Open Your Scrapbook.
  3. To Reply Click on Reply Button Rite Below The Display Pic of your friend.
  4. After you have written your scrap Click on Submit.

That’s it Your Done!!!!!!!!!

Tip: Since it takes you to your friends scrapbook when you hit Submit, Hit Back Button of your browser to go back to your Scrapbook!


Wanna Earn Some Money without Spamming!

Now-a-days I am getting lots of spam with title saying some stupid way to earn money. Observing intensity of this spam I felt like going into depth to discover real opportunities!

I did not find many but till then would like to share with you the ways through which I am earning money online. Of course these are not for the people for who wants to be millionaire overnight and also not for the people who thinks or wants to earn just clicking few links and sending spam mails.

I wonder how people think they can earn either without efforts or crime!

Currently I am earning through Google Adsense and shareapic! I am also testing few more ways which I will share with you after confirming they are not spams!


1. Google Adsense (For publishers only)

This is a program for publishers. A publisher is a person who is running blog, site, etc. On sign-up you get separate account. Once your account is confirmed you get three ways to earn.

  • Showing Sponsored links
  • Referring people to products.
  • Adding Google Search Capability to your site.

In all three ways you will get javascript code which you have to add on your site.
After adding code things will be displayed when somebody visits your site. You will earn only when people click on sponsored links or download products. You don’t need to be expert of javascript for this. All you need is access to codes of your site, blog, pages, etc.


With average 200 visitors to my blog I’m earning $0.5 daily!

Click here to sign-up for Google Adsense account! Its free!

Q: How Google is Earning Then?
Ans: Actually when somebody clicks on say sponsored links the third-party whose link user clicks pays google and from that google gives u a small portion of that revenue!

Q: How will I receive my earnings?
Ans: Google provides Electronic Fund Transfer Scheme for limited countries like US, European countries. For rest of the world they sent payment via check. You will get detail regarding this in help section (before even registering for service).

Q: Check clearance charges?
Ans: For that you have to contact your banker. I have account with ICICI bank. They charge for each check Rs. 250/- + 12.20% (service tax) + Courier charges including currency conversion charges!


Q: They are to high. What if my earning are not that much?
Ans: You can put your payment on hold. So you will receive check only when you want, say after you think you can afford to clear it!

Share-A-Pic (Easier Way)

shareapic is a free service that allows its users to upload and host images on our servers. shareapic has a unique revenue sharing model that compensates users for directing their friends and family to see their hosted images. When a member hosts a gallery, they can then show this gallery to others. Each time this is done, the member is paid.

I have earned $0.20 for my 30 images in last month.

Click here to sign-up for shareapic account! Its free!

How shareapic is earning and how much I can earn?
Earnings vary each month based off the amount of income shareapic generates from advertising. Once this number is finalized a percentage of that is distributed throughout shareapic members depending on how many image views they have accrued. For more information read complete FAQ of shareapic!


Q: How will I receive my earnings?
Ans: All earning are sent via paypal. There is no other mode available currently. You can open paypal account for free.

Q: What I need in order to open paypal account?
Ans: Just an e-mail id. You can provide your credit card or debit card information later! Paypal provides various accounts out of which I am using personal account!

Q: But how will I get money finally?
Ans: You can transfer money from paypal to your credit/debit card anytime by logging into your paypal account. For each transaction they charge $5 as transaction charges! Go to paypal for more details.

Note: For further queries regarding above services first check their FAQ’s and help sections. Rest you can always put suggestion, doubts, any service you want me to review, etc as comments.


Hacking: Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc – The Facts

Update: Please read this post entirely before asking for virtual software for hacking passwords! I just deleted 86 comments and tired of deleting similar kind of email and scraps. You may find first 8 comments confusing as they are referring to deleted 86 comments which were in between them. (April 9, 2007)

If you ever read something like below on any webpage typically blog, forum & orkut community or get a mail like…Hey guys,
I have software to hack yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc. passwords. If you are interested then give me your email id’s and I will email you that!

Ever wondered about truth?? Is it so simple?
Yes… but for spammers! Still you can put your email id’s below (may be in comment section) and help me to get some money by selling them to spammers! Yep, its that much simple for spammers!

So do you still think the person sending you this mail have such kind of software and just did not respond to your email!
Do you still think such software exists that will ask for your targets email id and just after one click will show his/her password!?!


In reality even if you physically brake into yahoo, gmail or any genuine service’s database, you will at the most get a garbage encrypted string. All famous services use one-way encryption for storing password in encrypted form. That means you can not get original password from this encrypted string!

Still if you are confused whether to trust me or spammers then as my last attempt to save you from spammer recall last time when you forgot your password. After going through verification steps did you get your password back or a chance to set a new password? In my experience with Yahoo at least I got a new random password by them which I can change to something comfortable string later-on if I wish!

So why did not they give me my original password? There are many reasons and as I told u earlier that they don’t store original password is one of those reasons!

So does this means you can not break into someones account?
Yeah you can, but it depends on your targets foolishness rather than your geekness. There are many tricks to do this, even some of them I tried successfully!

As this post getting long I may share those trick next time!

Till then have this hint : Don’t target the server, instead set up trap for your target! Servers are genius, targets may not be!!!


ORKUT: Most Awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts!

Hey pals…
presenting you the most awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts…
These scripts require FireFox and GreaseMonkey so first check out last section of this post if you don’t have them!

1. ScrapDeleter

Important Update: Use updated Orkut Scrapbook Deleter script which is also 30 times faster with no side effects! 🙂

2. Send One Scarp to all your friends
Important Update: Use new Scrap All Friends with Single Click Script which supports images, audio, video, HTML, etc in scraps!


3. Delete Multiple Message (Not scraps) (Install Now)
As part of code change, orkut does not provide now feature to delete multiple messages from message page. Here again GreaseMonkey Script comes to rescue for Orkutians.
4. Some Donuts For You! (Install Now)
Tired of “Bad, bad server. No donut for you…” message. This script automatically refresh the page showing this error. Give it a try! It can be useful for other scripts too!

Preparing For Installation:
1. Download FireFox if you don’t have it!
2. Install GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox.
3. Close all FireFox windows and restart FireFox.
4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!

Credits: Some scripts are by Vijay Bhaskar!


One Click Add To Friend List

Hey pals,
New to orkut???
wanna add 100’s of pals (specially gals) 😉 ???
Here comes GreaseMonkey script for you!

When installed its add [F] to every profile u see on orkut!
Just click on [F] and directly add some-one to your friend-list!

This is again for FireFox and GreaseMonkey users only!

Click here to install!

Preparing For Installation:
1. Download FireFox if you don’t have it!
2. Install GreaseMonkey extension for FireFox.
3. Close all FireFox windows and restart FireFox.
4. Now you are ready to install any GreaseMonkey Script you like!

Note: Person you are adding still need to approve your friendship request!


GreaseMonkey Help Manual

Hey guys found a nice tutorial for using GreaseMonkey Scripts as well as Developing if u r interested.

Few topics which may be interesting for u listing here

  • What is GreaseMonkey?
  • Installing GreaseMonkey
  • Installing a user script!
  • Managing your user scripts!

Click here to download. (size: 167KB)

Click here to download firefox!


ORKUT: Put Running Text In Scrap!

This post is outdated but still keeping it as if someone like to go through this in order to make it work again!!!
Till then you can send running text as GIF image using Orkut Toolbar!

Hey pals, seems our hacker brothers took orkut code change seriously and hit back with bang!!!Now posting here code to put running text in your scraps!!!1. Automatic Method

Click here to visit a page which will help you to generate automatic code for your text.

2. Manual Way

Copy following codes in notepad…

then replace green part with your scrap-text!!!
separate two words with %20 to put space between them!



ORKUT: Sending Images in Scraps!!!

Secrets This post is outdated but still keeping it as if someone like to go through this in order to make it work again!!!
Till then you can send image using Orkut Toolbar!

Pals found another kool thing for Orkutians….
this time you can send images in scraps…1. Automatic WayClick here to visit a page which will help you to generate automatic code for your text.

2. Manual Way

copy following code in notepad as it is…


then replace green part with image url excluding “http://www.” part
note url must end with .jpg or .gif extension…

if you wana send images from your computer then upload it first on a image-server like ImageBucks
on uploading image you will get url for that which you can insert it in this code…

Moreover you can add more than one images as well as write watever you want before & after these codes… You can use it with scrapbook flooder also!

to make above code simple dividing it in three parts as follows…

[your image url]



Orkut: Finally a scrapbook flooder for new orkut codes!!!

Important Update: This flooder is having some problems. You may subscribe to our RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future! For time being, we are closing comments and support on this post.

I have just created a firefox toolbar for orkut scrapbook flooding!
This is my first firefox extension and created in hurry!
With time will add new features like community flooding, testimonial flooding, etc to it!
Help on flooder is available @ toolbar itself!



Requirement: You must be in firefox to do this! (Download Firefox)

Click here to install scrapper for ORKUT

If a window with title software installation does not pop out look at top-right corner of page! You will see something like below! Click Edit Options to proceed…

Installing Addon - warning

Next allow Devils Workshop to install scrapper by

Installing Addon - Allowing

Now click here again to install scrapper. This time a window with title software installation will pop out!

a wInstalling Addon - Installtion

Finally restart firefox to complete installation!

Installing Addon - Restart Firefox

After successful installation you will see a toolbar added to firefox below address/navigation bar as can be seen in following screenshot.

Scrapper Toolbar

#How to use…

A. Start Flooding (click on image to enlarge)

Scrapper - Start Flooding

  1. Open any orkut scrapbook, write scrap the way you want with all formatting like colors, smilies, etc.
  2. Enter time interval in the space provided on orkut toolbar. (More on this later)
  3. After you done writing just click start flood button on toolbar instead of post scrap button provided by orkut.

B. Stop Flooding

  • Just close the tab/window and flooder will stop automatically!

# Time Interval


Time interval is time between two consecutive scraps! Small value means fast flooding


Unfortunately time interval also depend on your internet connection speed so you have very limited choice.

Here I am giving some values for time interval. Adjust as per your connection, load, etc. as these are rough values.

  • 56 kbps : 2500-3500
  • 128 kbps: 1500-2500
  • 256 kbps: 1000-1500
  • 512 kbps: 800-1200
  • 1Mbps: 500-800
  • 2Mbps: 300-500
  • 8Mbps: 100-200

Just play with few intervals for the first time. Once you get some value working for you, always use the same! 🙂


  1. Go to Tools >> Add-ons in firefox command menu!
  2. A small window named Add-ons will pop-out showing list of installed add-ons.
  3. Click uninstall next to scrapper.
  4. Restart firefox to complete the installation!’


1. I got “page not found error” and I can’t scrap anyone now 🙁

This happens when you use flooder a lot. Orkut disables your account temporarily (usually for 10-15 hours). So just have a break! May be this is time to take a bath! 😉

2. I got error: Bad, bad server. No donut for you”

This normally means orkut server is overloaded. You just start flooding again with small increase in time interval. If you are getting this error again and again you should flood later.

3. Flooder stops after sending 2-3 scraps! :O

This happens when you provide very high time interval! Boy you are flooding so just try to half the time interval repeatedly until you go!

If you any other question feel free to ask… Wish u happy flooding… 🙂

4. Can I flood any scrapbook?

No the person you are flooding must be in your friend-list!

#Update History:
Year 2007:

  • August 27 – Updated again for new Orkut (Read more about new orkut). Maintaining two versions now for old as well as new orkut!
  • August 20 – Updated to work with new scrapbook features (Read More about new features). Added Automatic Update support so this is last time you have to go through all the pain of reinstalling this!
  • August 10 – Updated for firefox as well as new orkut codes to detect empty scraps!

Year 2006:

  • October 29 – Scrapper updated to work with firefox 2.0!
  • September 13 – Scrapper failed to work during last few days due to new search box in top-right corner inserted by orkut.
Reviews – A website made 4 orkutians

Hey pals,
found this cool site – which have lots of entertaining stuff for orkutians!
And don’t worry about its Portuguese name, the site is available in both Portuguese as well as English! This site have perfectly legal content and i don’t think you will be violating any Orkut terms & condition by using anything from this site!

Listing here major categories, believe me a complete menu will swamp my blog!!!!

  • Messages: A huge collection of animated and static messages to send to your friends adding fun to their scrapbooks.
  • Photos for your Profile: Now you can change your photo every day.
  • Generators: Create your own messages and send them to your friends. You can use our generators to instantly create cool scraps.
  • ASCII Art: Fun art for fun moments. A very different way to say what you want to say.

Related Links: Orkutando’s homepage (in English)