Orkut: Fast Reply Script – Really Fast!

This is another GreaseMonkey Script For orkuttians... This one is by Shujaat Rukh. Requirements: FireFox (Not even Mozilla or SeaMonkey). Greasemonkey (You will need to restart the FireFox if installing first time). Click here to download the Script. (No restart needed for installing script). After you have installed Firefox and Greasemonkey on your Computer... click [...]

Wanna Earn Some Money without Spamming!

Now-a-days I am getting lots of spam with title saying some stupid way to earn money. Observing intensity of this spam I felt like going into depth to discover real opportunities! I did not find many but till then would like to share with you the ways through which I am earning money online. Of [...]

Hacking: Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc – The Facts

Update: Please read this post entirely before asking for virtual software for hacking passwords! I just deleted 86 comments and tired of deleting similar kind of email and scraps. You may find first 8 comments confusing as they are referring to deleted 86 comments which were in between them. (April 9, 2007) If you ever [...]

ORKUT: Most Awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts!

Hey pals... presenting you the most awaited GreaseMonkey Scripts... These scripts require FireFox and GreaseMonkey so first check out last section of this post if you don't have them! 1. ScrapDeleter Important Update: Use updated Orkut Scrapbook Deleter script which is also 30 times faster with no side effects! 🙂 2. Send One Scarp to [...]

One Click Add To Friend List

Hey pals, New to orkut??? wanna add 100's of pals (specially gals) 😉 ??? Here comes GreaseMonkey script for you! When installed its add [F] to every profile u see on orkut! Just click on [F] and directly add some-one to your friend-list! This is again for FireFox and GreaseMonkey users only! Click here to [...]

Orkut: Finally a scrapbook flooder for new orkut codes!!!

Important Update: This flooder is having some problems. You may subscribe to our RSS feed or email alert to receive automatic updates regarding this and other hacks in future! For time being, we are closing comments and support on this post. I have just created a firefox toolbar for orkut scrapbook flooding! This is my [...]

Orkutando.net – A website made 4 orkutians

Hey pals, found this cool site - orkutando.net which have lots of entertaining stuff for orkutians! And don't worry about its Portuguese name, the site is available in both Portuguese as well as English! This site have perfectly legal content and i don't think you will be violating any Orkut terms & condition by using [...]