Orkut is Showing Photo Comments in Updates

Orkut is seriously copying things from Facebook. First, drag and drop option to rearrange profile, then photo-tagging, applications (open-social), status update, last weeks wall-to-wall like conversation feature and now the photo comments of your friends photos is in your recent update as highlighted in screenshot below:

But unlike Facebook, you can see only your friends photo comment updates but not those on which your friends are commenting. On Facebook you can see every photo comment posted by your friend, even if the photo owner is not in your friend list.


Praveen October 18, 2008

I personally feel they could have includes updates of comments of friend’s photos as an extra tab in the already existent “recent photo comments” block. I was agonized when I woke up this morning to see my “Updates from my friends” block filled with 2 full pages of comments of the photos of friends!!! Phew!!!

Sauravjit Singh October 18, 2008

@Praveen – Absolutely right brother
there are just comments and comments in my recent update too.

Deepak October 19, 2008

@Sauravjit Singh
Mine too 🙁
Don’t feel the need of some such features..