RetailMeNot – Single place to get promo codes & discount coupons

RetailMeNot-logo Everytime someone says promo code, I remember not using one while signing up for Dreamhost and so loosing $97 in discount. 🙁

I made a mistake as I was new to Internet and had no one to help me out. But when I realized my mistake, I started searching and ended up on this site – Since that day, I never missed any promo code or discount coupon.

About RetailMeNot…

Its a very simple but highly useful, one of its kind site where users/site owners/service provider share promo codes they know with site name on which they work. Then as a consumer, you go to RetailMeNot, type website name in its simple search box and hit enter. Search result page instantly show promo codes with small description, ranking, user comments and other info.

To get better idea check RetailMeNot page for GoDaddy. Yes, you can bookmark RetailMeNot pages for sites where you shop often!

RetailMeNot Firefox Addon…

Now if you are a lazy consumer, then you can use RetailMeNot Firefox Addon to automate promo code hunting. This small firefox addon checks if promo code is available for site you are visiting automatically. If promo codes are available then a small notification is shown on top side of page which lists few top ranked promo codes and link to page consisting all promo codes.

Link: RetailMeNot Firefox Addons

When RetailMeNot have no promo codes…

It may happen RetailMeNot have no promo codes for site you are visiting. But it does not mean promo codes don’t exist for that site. Or there may be even better promo code exist at other places in some cases. For example, check Dreamhost page on RetailMeNot. They do not have any of Dreamhost special promo codes worth $200 discount!

So whenever in doubt, use google to find promo codes that are not listed elsewhere. 🙂

Link: RetailMeNot | RetailMeNot Firefox Addons

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Mayanktaker October 3, 2008

Thanks Rahul.

p@r@noid November 8, 2008

Guys this website is pretty Cool as you will Get lotsa code for different Offers…!!!


richi November 19, 2008

dude its gr8 abt that website somany codes just try ur luck over der

Deepak Jain November 20, 2008

yea.. Its a nice service.
Before purchasing anything online I try for a coupon here 🙂