Scrapboy Supports Facebook Now After Orkut & Myspace!

Scrapboy supports facebook now Started as orkut messenger, scrapboy improved over the time. After myspace, they now added support for facebook.

Long list of supported features and appealing user interface will make scrapboy your sweetheart. Designed with keeping minor details in mind, scrapboy take care of missing feature on individual social networks. So do not think it as another desktop-way to access few online sites.

As a simple example, have a look at facebooks’ birthday reminder feature enhanced in scrapboy…

 facebooks birthday reminder feature

Still latest facebook chat feature is not available in scrapboy as it is integrated into Digsby. But on the other hand scrapboy is much more centered around social networking sites while digsby is yet to support orkut.

Link: Scrapboy | Download (via Inside Orkut)

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Gaurav Dua May 6, 2008

That girl will be upset. You made her age public 😛

Rahul Bansal May 6, 2008

Lolz… I should have thought about it! :O
by d way she doesn’t seem too old to hide her age… 😉

Gaurav May 7, 2008

:O Scrapboy is still active..:D
I thought it would have died by now… I still have its very first version dumped in my PC.. That old dotnet 2 proggie.. excess memory hogging utility.. 😛
Its good that they have incorporated other sites too 😀

Rahul Bansal May 7, 2008

Yeah… scrapboy is much better now…
In fact I haven’t bothered to check it for more than a year after first using it…
But I regretted it after having look at new scrapboy… 🙂

Gaurav May 7, 2008

i am too downloading it now… Atleast the interface is a lot more better now

doron May 8, 2008

Hi guys,

I’m related to Assaf, the creator of Scrapboy and I know that the new version to come (I think it should be V2.1.7) will have facebook chat support and all other interesting features. Have fun guys 🙂

Rahul Bansal May 8, 2008

Yeah… I am sure you will love it!

Thanks for update Doron. That will be sure a big hit… 🙂

Raul May 29, 2008

I’m glad to announce that the new Scrapboy version with Facebook chat support is now available.

Apart from the regular benefits of having a desktop based chat (notifications when friends come online or send you messages), Scrapboy lets you maintain an infinite chat history and also view the history of your convesations with online & offline friends.

Another perk for advanced users is that you can also send HTML rich messages to other Scrapboy users using facebook chat.


Rahul Bansal June 3, 2008

Thanks Raul for tip… 🙂
I will check it soon as there is some problem in Digsby’s facebook chat feature… 🙁

Raul June 4, 2008

That’d be great Rahul 🙂

Just a head’s up: We’re going to be releasing an enhanced facebook chat version around the end of this week/early next week with a few more controls to further empower our users. For example, they’ll have better control over whether their friends can see when the user is typing a message, and more…

lol…yea that memory hogging was a terrible bug in the early versions. We’re more efficient now 🙂

Rahul Bansal June 8, 2008

Thanks for updates and answering Gauravs comment… 🙂

Raul June 17, 2008

Hey Rahul,

The new Scrapboy version is out if you’d like to give it a try 🙂

We now also let our users appear offline in Facebook’s chat and see who’s online on facebook (you do need to sign into the chat to talk to your friends…use the round green/red button on the top beside your name to toggle your facebook chat status to online/offline)


Rahul Bansal June 20, 2008

Hey buddy… some bad news! 🙁
Just opened scrapboy to review its facebook chat feature and surprised to see Orkut features are not working at all.
I am using scrapboy v2.1…
Can you rectify this?

Raul June 27, 2008

Hey Rahul,

We’ve fixed the problem and released an update, it ended up being due to a differences in the authentication mechanism and the way the orkut page was displayed outside North America…

Thanks a lot for your help with narrowing down the cause of the issue bud! 🙂

Rahul Bansal June 27, 2008

Thanks for update Raul…
I will post about it in an hour… 🙂