Search Engine Mixed With Social Bookmarking [SearchTeam]

Search for information on any topic along with your friends and also arrange them into folders. SearchTeam works like a search engine mixed with social bookmarking.

The process of search for the end-user has not really changed over the past decade. Mostly we type in some keywords and get relevant results.


Social search is forcing people to change the way we use search. With SearchTeam, a user can search on certain things, along with a team. I find it a very useful tool, especially if you are a group of students who are researching a topic and need to do it collaboratively. Collaborative search surely decreases repetitive work by a team.

SearchTeam Features

  • I needed to register to use the service. Registration or sign-up can be done with your Linked in or Facebook account. I used my Google Account and that works too.
  • When it came to search, I could create different search projects and save links into folders.


  • I could invite my friends to join and carry out collaborative search. My friends added to the search project could look up and edit all the links.


Search Team’s Video Demo

I think this would work a lot better if you are in a study group and researching material together. It could be a great way to start a new research. Do drop in your comments.

Link: SearchTeam


Kerstin Nilsson May 20, 2011

Planning a spring break vacation with friends? Researching for a paper or project? Finding a supplier for a certain product or service? Whatever it is I am searching for; SearchTeam can make a big difference in the way I find, save and organize useful information. I have been able to efficiently pinpoint Web results I want, while collaborating with friends, classmates, colleagues and others I trust in real-time.

Aditya Kane May 20, 2011

Thanks for sharing your experiance with searchteam. 🙂