Search Flickr Images Based on Colors with Multicolr Search Lab

Flickr is one of the most popular picture sharing website. You get millions of pictures according to your requirement. You can choose the images by specific category, tags, license etc. But sometimes keywords are not enough, we prefer to choose the picture according to the colors. This is especially for the people who are very choosy towards blending picture colors properly with the layout of blog or for their personal use.

There is a very useful tool for all color conscious people called “Multicolr Search Lab”. Multicolr Search Lab helps you to search images based on colors.

multi clr flckr

You need to select the color from the color palette chart and you will get the images relevant to that color. As soon as you choose the colors the search result will refresh the page with pictures/ images which match with the color you choose.


You can even choose different colors, up to 10 colors to find pictures.


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This is cool way to check out the images based on colors. It is very useful for designers and artist to get best quality images according to their requirements.


Agent Deepak | Blogging, Marketing & Success May 12, 2010

Wow! Thats nice. Very useful for me. I sometime want images of certain color. From your screen shots I can surely say it works quite well.

Ruchi June 12, 2010

Yeah Deepak, it’s fun and useful to use.