Send Yourself Reminders on Twitter, Email and GTalk

To remind myself of following up on certain tasks, I usually like writing things down on a white-board in my room, so I am constantly reminded about important tasks. This is a great way to remember things considering I am a tech blogger, I felt it is better to have a more technologically advanced solution. 🙂

As I spend most of my time online, I found Remindr quite helpful.


With Gtalk, you need to add the Remindr bot in your contacts and also follow the Remindr bot on Twitter.

Once done at the set time and date, you will get notified or reminded about what you needed to remember.

If you like services which send reminders, you might also like to check out Nudge Mail which allows users to set email reminders and also Memorari which allows sending reminders via SMS and Email.

Try out Remindr and do drop in your comments.

Link: Remindr

One Comment

salman June 30, 2011

If you want to try this things in GMAIL than add Gadget called “Remember The milk”.