Share Your Dropbox Folders with a Link

Dropbox today has introduced a new feature of allowing users to share folders with other with but sharing a link. This option has been made available on their website. Every folder on a Dropbox account now has the option of being shared with a URL.

On the Desktop application similar option show up if you right click on a particular folder and access its Dropbox options.

Sharing files with a simple link was always popular but most services were hampered with size restrictions. So this service by Dropbox will probably see a lot of people share their projects, bunch of photos and even home videos with a simple link.

Expected Google Drive is Pushing Dropbox to ramp up!

There are still many rumours going around that Google will be launching a cloud storage service to rival Dropbox. This could be quite a challenge to Dropbox as it does not have anywhere close to the resources that Google has. This is probably pushing Dropbox to shore up its defense.

Dropbox has already introduced quite a few new features like saving photos from a digital camera, a newly designed website with a photo viewer and lately it has even doubled the free space offered for every referral.

I am sure Dropbox fans are in for a good time with more features that will probably be announced over the next month, especially when Google Drive is released.

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(via Dropbox Blog)

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Julia Agnes April 26, 2012

I’m waiting for more Dropbox features 🙂