Sharing Files Over Miles For Free– Browser to Browser!

clip_image002We all know of various online services that help in sending files over the Internet. However, not many allow you to do that without having to use any server. You could easily overcome this challenge now.

With FilesOverMiles, there are no complications involved! Just send files directly to other users (P2P) using your browser for free. Because there is no intermediate server slowing down the process, your files are sent the shortest way – direct between you and the recipient.


The site has some nice privacy controls:

  • You have the control over who downloads your shared file.
  • You give a secret and unique URL generated by FilesOverMiles.
  • Your file is encrypted and sent direct to another user. No intermediate servers.

How does it work?

  • Browse and Upload the file you wish to share
  • FilesOverMiles will generate a URL
  • Copy the URL and pass it via email or IM


If you have more questions in mind, please visit their FAQ section.

Try it out for yourself by sending a few files… it’s really fast, easy to use, secure and effective!

Link: filesovermiles

One Comment

Gautam June 13, 2009

This is just like rapidshare… whats the difference?
Also server is also included in this as you upload it on the website.