Use Skype Group Chat Online without Software!

Skype_logoWe have contacts on Gmail, Facebook, Yahoo, MSN Live and more. There are many instant messaging software which allow users to manage these accounts from a single place.

Unfortunately not a lot of messaging services support Skype and that means we need to download the Skype application on our computers. is a nice messaging website which allows using Skype online without any need of downloading the application. It has even recently included support for using Skype Groups while chatting.


This is a great help if you have changed computers and need to quickly catch up with your Skype friends. Users do not need to download Skype application but can simply use it via IMO.

IMO does not require creating an account and we can simply visit the website and use Skype credentials.

Chromebooks which will run on Chrome OS, where all services will be via web apps without the need of software. In such cases, could be ideal for Skype fans as it also supports Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo messaging.

Do try out imo messaging service and drop in your comments.