Survey Monkey – Online tool to conduct FREE Market Research

SurveyMonkey helps collecting opinion from target audience in an organized yet simple manner.

Did you ever feel the need to ask your friends and colleagues about their opinion on some product?

Real-life Example:

Suppose if you are looking to buy a new Smartphone!

My Case:

I was looking for a new smartphone for myself and faced with tremendous confusion..

The Process:

I consulted many of my friends for their opinion on certain brands and models.

The Result:

The pattern I used to collect their opinion was somewhat haphazard. I ended up in an opinion-bin with lots of random opinion.

The Solution:

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One of my friend’s always keep saying, there is nothing you can’t find on Google! Yeah, he proved right even this time, I searched and found the website “” which lets you create surveys for free and post them directly to your friend lists on Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook and other social networking websites.

All about SurveyMonkey

  • The website is all about doing Market Research in a formatted and organized way with even input data being validated.

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  • Chose what kind of answer you are expecting by selecting the type of question.

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  • One feature I must share is the question Logic which can be added to any question. The question Logic saves time by not asking questions which are not necessary. For example – If there is a market research on Nokia E5, ofcourse you would be looking for specific opinion from people who have actually used the mobile phone and not just from every passer-by. So if there is a question which asks “Did you use or presently use Nokia E5?”; for people who answer ‘Yes’ would be asked further specific questions or else the general questions would follow and finally the survey would end.

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  • Safety of your data is guaranteed by SurveyMonkey which holds the US Federal Law Section 508 compliance certification.  Data is carefully kept and is available in a PDF format also.
  • Generate charts, prepare real-time reports using the Survey results and even share them with your friends.
  • Now what? Do you want Survey Monkey to even write the questions for you? Obviously it can’t, but it can definitely help with the available Question templates. Howz that?

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Few of the above features are available only in the Paid plan which is available for as low as Rs. 415 per month (annual payment). To view the plan details, click here.

LINK: SurveyMonkey