Check which website tracks your online usage

One of the issues while you sign-up with a website is we do not really read through the disclaimers or terms of services in great detail. Mostly we sign-up to websites thanks to their relevance and reputation. Some of these websites do something called as tracking out activity and sharing this info with advertisers for […]

Get backup of Gmail contacts and attachments on your computer

Personally I use Gmail’s Offline feature for being able to compose or access certain emails in case I my internet connection is acting up or if its not stable. But I like this new add-on software called Mailbrowser and I liked the easy way I could access contacts and attachment files at one side. The […]

Gmail meeting scheduler with Chrome browser

Last month I wrote about a Firefox add-on which installs a meeting scheduler for Gmail. The meeting scheduler was pretty decent with a lot of options for scheduling a meeting and inviting others for the same. It was seamlessly integrated with Gmail. Does you chrome have extensions? Make sure your Chrome browser supports extensions. This means the […]

Customize your Firefox with useful Add-ons!

This post deals with a few useful Firefox Add-ons, which makes your Firefox more comfortable than before. Tiny Menu: If you are not using the menu bar frequently and you feel that the menu bar is occupying more space in your browser, then you can shrink it with this add-on. It will help to replace […]

Google to roll addons for Chrome users!

There’s some good news coming in for ‘Chrome’ users. Google’s Chrome, youngest in the field of browser, is planning to roll out addons as in Firefox, for its users too. 🙂 Though there is no such official news from the Google team, but Aaron Boodman working in Google for Chrome and Gears, has mentioned on […]

Foxmarks Added Support for Password Syncing

One of the most famous addon for Firefox browser, Foxmarks added support for password syncing. Originally developed for bookmark syncing, the addon was used in conjunction with Google’s now-out-of-development Browser Sync addon. I posted long time back, how these two addons, Foxmarks and Browser Sync, together can help you synchronize your online data from anywhere […]