iReff – Android app for Indian mobile recharge details

iReff is a nifty app that helps you to easily know your mobile recharge details. You can easily get the details of a particular recharge tariff just by sending an SMS. iReff has come up with an Android app that has over 1 million downloads.

The app is simple and requires not much explanation. On launching the app, you’ll be asked to choose your mobile operator and your circle. In a couple of minutes, the app will show you the list of topup or tariff recharge plans available.

iReff (2)

iReff supports 14 prepaid mobile services and 22 telecom circles. You can change the mobile operator and the circle.

It classifies the recharge plans as separate sections. The topup plans are shown first followed by SMS, 2G/Data, 3G and many other sections.


It updates the recharge details on a daily basis. It pulls the recharge details from the operator’s website. An exception : BSNL details are updated every 1-2 weeks.

Clicking a particular recharge price gives you more information about that particular recharge. It will also show when that particular recharge details was updated from the operator’s website.

iReff Android app comes with a dedicated search box that you can use to search recharge plans based on prices or recharge tariff types.

Also, when you click on any particular recharge amount, along with the recharge details, you’ll also be shown the USSD string to activate that particular recharge.


To use iReff using SMS commands, check the app’s official website.

Sadly, this app comes with ads and there is no pro version of this app. Do try out iReff and drop in your comments.

Link: iReff on Google Play | iReff for Windows Phones


Flipkart finally launches a native Android app

Flipkart has finally revamped it’s Android mobile app. It was just a mobile version of the Flipkart website put as an app earlier. But this upgraded version has been built from scratch and offers a beautiful user interface. The app comes packed with almost every Flipkart feature.

The user interface is now much improved. The slider menu on the left side makes navigation easy. Easily search products in various departments, search for products using text/voice and even scan barcodes. You can also sort/filter the products based on popularity, price (low to high and high to low), and discounts.

You can also check the products’ images zoomed in, check out the user reviews and ratings.

Screenshot_2013-09-22-18-17-16 Screenshot_2013-09-22-18-17-23

You can also buy things right within the app. Payment is by Cash on Delivery, Debit/Credits cards, Net Banking and EMIs – just like the payment options on the Flipkart website. Once purchased, you can track the status of your orders right within the app. This is a big improvement.

There is something interesting that Flipkart brought in this updated Android app. You can check the details of the recently viewed products even when the network is not available.

Also, Flipkart gives you an option to share your purchases with your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networking site friends.

Link: Flipkart on Google Play


Bunk-o-Meter saves you from Backlogs, lets you Track your College Attendance

Here’s a fun and practical Android app for all you college goers who want to keep track of your class attendance – that is, letting you safely bunk classes. It’s called Bunk-o-Meter.


Getting started is simple, you just have to enter your Semester’s subjects and the bunk limit for each of those. Next time you bunk a class, you can hit the + button and it’ll record it.

You can set the app to throw a notification every day, reminding you if you’ve bunked any classes.


The app is nicely done, with neat transitions from screen-to-screen. It also throws some funny comment once in a while, as you can see in the screenshot above. Adding to this, there’s a quick tutorial in the beggining.

In short, Bunk-o-Meter does one thing and does it right.

So if you’re a student and using an Android, go grab it for free.

Link: Bunk-o-Meter

Update: The app now has been open-sourced. You can get the code here.


MyAppSharer : Share your Android apps with your friends

MyAppSharer is an Android app that helps you to easily share your Android apps with your friends. You can choose to share the apps’ market (Google Play) links or directly send the app package (APK file).

It is a free app and supports every Android device running Android 1.6 and above. The app is easy to use and makes Android apps sharing a lot easy. Also the best thing is that, your friend doesn’t need to have MyAppSharer installed on his device.

The user interface requires no description. It is an user friendly app and one can start playing with the app within seconds of installation.


On launching the app, all the Android apps installed on your Android device populate. You can choose the list of apps that you want to share. You can also select/deselect all the apps.

You can share by two ways :

  1. As a market link : You can share the market link of the app and your friend will have to download the app package himself/herself. You can share the market link by various means : text messaging, QR codes, bluetooth, bluetooth (zip) add to Dropbox, Facebook and a lot more.
  2. Share the APK file : The second option is sharing the entire app package. Like the first option you can share the entire APK by bluetooth, bluetooth (zip) or by internet via mail, Dropbox, Skype and many more.

Important things to note

  1. To share the QR code for a particular app, you should have Barcode Scanner installed on your Android.
  2. To add the market link or APK fle to Dropbox, you should have the Dropbox app installed on your Android.
  3. It has been reported by many users that they are not able to receive the apps’ APK/market link by bluetooth on their Nexus device. MyAppSharer developer recommends you to share by bluetooth (zip) if you are sharing the file to a Nexus user.

Doesn’t this app look brilliant? Do give it a go and share your thoughts on it with us.

Link: MyAppSharer on Google Play


Clueful : Your Android Apps Privacy Analyser

Most of the smartphone apps these days ask for special permissions like accessing your contacts, sending texts on their own, using your Gallery photos and more. To be on the safe side, we must be aware of the things that these apps ask and should take steps to be safe. If any app is found to be leaking out your contact numbers to third parties or sending your private data to others, that app should be removed immediately.

To take of care of your privacy, here comes Clueful. If you are an Apple fanboy or a previous iOS user, you might recognize this app. It is an app brought by Bitdefender. Available earlier to the iOS users, Clueful is new to Android. The app is easy to use and gives you a detailed analysis on the list of apps installed in your Android.

How Clueful Works

  1. On opening Clueful, the app scans all the apps installed on your Android and compares with it’s Cloud database from Bitdefender. Note that the app requires Internet connectivity to work.
  2. Once done, it classifies them as low, moderate and high risk apps.
  3. It also gives you a Privacy Score. The larger the score, the safer you are.

Screenshot_2013-06-04-20-54-55 Screenshot_2013-06-04-20-54-42 Screenshot_2013-06-04-20-54-32 Clueful (5)

Features of Clueful

  1. Once the apps have been classified, you can get a depth analysis of the apps’ privacy by clicking on that particular app.
  2. It also lets you to uninstall apps right within the app.
  3. You can filter apps and then check which particular apps use your location, which particular apps are viruses and more.
  4. It works as an anti-virus, anti-theft, web control and SMS control tool.
  5. It scans each app that you download from Google Play immediately and lists it as a low, moderate or high risk app.

It is a must have app for every Android user who give privacy the first priority. Privacy matters.

Link : Clueful on Google Play


Free up Space on Your Android and Make it Run Faster

If you never knew, uninstalling some Android apps doesn’t take away all the data. There are some junk files left which can be erased completely with Clean Master. It is an all-in-one app that cleans the app cache, unused files, residual files (junk files left by uninstalled apps) and search history. Also, it lets you to easily uninstall/take backups of apps that you want.

The app also acts as a task killer. But there is a reason why task killers fail! You can read about that on Not much of a killer post, published on The Hindu.

On launching Clean Master, you’ll be shown top graphs which indicate the used and unused spaces on your external SD card and the phone’s internal storage.

The app also shows the amount of space recovered after each clean.

Clean Master


Junk Files allows you to clean all the cached files and residual files. Privacy allows you to clean the search history. Tasks allows you to kill tasks. App Manager allows you to uninstall apps or take backups.

Also, Clean Master allows you to schedule clean jobs.

What’s your thought on this 50 million+ downloaded app? Do let us know if you know more apps like this.

Link: Clean Master on Google Play


Timely: A feature packed beautiful Alarm Clock for Android

Finding well designed apps on Play Store is not so easy (I’m sure I’ve said this before), and it holds true even in the post-ICS era.

The default Clock app on Android 4.2 is pretty good, but I never thought it can be so much better until I tried Timely.


What makes Timely so special is the design and the amount of detail in it. There’s a lot of functionality and customisation you can achieve, yet the app looks so simple and intuitive to use.

The app primarily lets you set alarms, timer, stop watch and show time. It has a gorgeous animated background (which would be great as a live wallpaper) which gives it an under water-like feel. The colours and gradients used look wonderful and every single thing of those is customisable. There’s a colour picker for just that. There are a lot of default themes to pick from.


Putting the design aside, it has some unique features to it too. To start with, it has Smart Rise which rings the alarm 30 minutes before regular time and slowly fades until you dismiss it.

It integrates with Google Now. To use it, tell Google to “wake me up at 5 AM” and you get a menu to choose Timely for setting up the alarm.

It’s available for tablets too and stays in sync with multiple devices.


You really have to see it in action to understand its real beauty. Here’s a demo video:

I tried the app on my Galaxy Nexus and the experience is smooth. That’s a pretty big feat considering all the animations, transitions and what not.

Timely is ad-free by default, but they start to appear after 5 days. You can buy the pro version, which costs 3$, after the 5 days to get rid of ads and unlock all features.

Give Timely a try. Even if you don’t want to use another alarm clock app, give it a chance. You’ll be impressed.

Link: Timely Alarm Clock


Schedule Sending E-mail and Reminders on Your Android

If you want to schedule email or take action on them at a later date then using Boomerang on your Chrome or Firefox browser is a great idea. I particularly use it to schedule birthday greetings to friends on my email.

But previously, this service could only be used on desktop browser with the help of add-ons and extensions. A few days ago, Boomerang launched an Android app to help users schedule emails and reminders from their phones.

The app is easy to use and it synced my Google apps account quickly. The app also was fast and not clunky like some email apps tend to be.

As this works with Gmail, it can be a big change as Boomerang does away with Gmail’s use of categories to sort out our email.

Use Boomerang Android app to schedule emails and reminders

Swipe from left to right to Archive and swiping right to left shows up a host of options that includes starring the email, replying to it or using Boomerang features to schedule a reminder about the email.

The big feature is allowing reminders to be set for a email or to schedule a time for an email to be sent. This feature on free accounts is restricted to 10 messages per month but that is more than enough for someone like me who might want to schedule messages only in certain special circumstances.

Do try out Boomerang App on Android and drop in your comments.

Link: Boomerang on Android


SMSAlarm – An App to Help Find Your Android Phone

There are times when we happen to lose our most mobile phones. After a moment of shock, frantic searching follows. But for those with Androids, SMSAlarm is here to help.

SMSAlarm is a simple app that alerts you with a sound when your Android is lost. The app requires you to send a custom SMS from any other mobile phone, and your mobile phone will start shrilling with an alarm noise. You can set the alarm duration too. The maximum duration is 2 minutes.


Once installed, you can set the custom SMS by choosing the Activation SMS option in the app. You can also choose to set your device to Vibrate when that custom SMS is received. You can alarm test the alarm sound with the Test option in that app.

The best thing about this app is set, the app works even if your phone is in the Silent mode. The app is of no use if your phone’s battery is dead.

Link: SMSAlarm on Google Play


uTorrent Remote Helps you Access your uTorrent Downloads Remotely

uTorrent Remote is a feature in uTorrent that lets you to easily control your uTorrent downloads from anywhere. It is available as a web browser tool and also as an app for Android. It is an exclusive feature of uTorrent 3 and above.

uTorrent Remote needs you to sign up. Signing up is really simple. It should be done right inside the uTorrent client that you use on you desktop computer.

  1. Open your uTorrent client.
  2. Go to Preferences using Ctrl + P shortcut keys or using Options > Preferences > Remote > Enable uTorrent Remote Access.
  3. Once you enable, you’ll asked to create a username and password for remote access. Create them.
  4. You’ll also be asked to create answer for a security question.

Once you have a username and password, you can start controlling your uTorrent downloads remotely.


Two Ways to Use uTorrent Remote

#Method 1 – Web Browser Based Remote Control

  1. Go to uTorrent Remote.
  2. Login with your username and password.
  3. You’ll be shown the list of ongoing downloads and other things.
  4. You can control your torrent downloads right here. Hit the Logout button at the top right once you are done.

#Method 2 – Using Android uTorrent Remote App

  1. The uTorrent Remote app is available on Google Play Store for free. (Download link is available at the bottom of this post)
  2. Download it and login with your username and password. The torrents are now here!

uTorrent-remote (2)

Note : Anyone can change your uTorrent Remote password any time by visiting the uTorrent Remote section in your uTorrent client.

Try out the app and do drop in your comments.

Link: uTorrent Remote App