New WhatsApp APK now let’s you hide ‘Last seen’, status and photo

A new APK file is now available on the WhatsApp website that lets you hide your Last seen timestamp, status and profile photo. This new feature is not available officially on the Google Play store yet.

You can either hide these details from everyone, including your contacts and strangers, or choose to let it be visible for everyone. You cannot hide the details from particular contacts.

Hide ‘Last Seen’, status and profile photo

Note : On hiding your Last Seen status, you won’t be able to see your contacts’ Last Seen status.

If you didn’t know, the iOS version of WhatsApp already has this feature and allows the users to hide the Last Seen tag. But, it comes with a limitation. You cannot change the setting every now and then. You will have to wait for one day to toggle the setting again.


Also, the iOS feature doesn’t let you hide your status and profile photo.

Talking about this feature for WhatsApp for other platforms, there are no reports yet. But, if the users find this feature useful, WhatsApp will be bringing this feature to the other devices soon.

Before you download the APK, it is suggested that you take a backup of your existing WhatsApp using MyAppSharer or any other method that you prefer.

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Link: Download WhatsApp APK | via Firstpost


TimePIN for Android changes your lockscreen pin based on current time

TimePIN is nifty Android app that adds better security measures to your phone. It is different from the other lockscreen apps for Android because it changes the password every minute, based on the device time.

Advantages of using TimePIN

Here are few reasons why you should use TimePIN.

  1. A safe, complicated password is generated every minute and you’re the only person who knows that password.
  2. Forget worrying about password stealing eyes that are lurking near you.
  3. Easy and immediate access to device without remembering complicated passwords.

If the time is 09:54, your pin would be 0954. And, when the time is 00:00, your pin is 0000.


You may now wonder that when an attacker gets his hands on your device, he may easily unlock the device with the time being shown on the device. But, that’s not the case.

The app comes with modifiers. Modifiers are a set of rules upon which the pins are generated. There are four modifiers. They are :

  1. Reverse : This modifier reverses your pin. If the time is 12:34, the pin is 4321.
  2. Double : It doubles your pin. If the time is 12:34, the pin is 12341234.
  3. Mirror : It mirrors your pin. If the time is 12:34, the pin is 12344321. If the time is 8:32, the pin is 08322380.
  4. Offset : This modifier generates the pin based on the time and then subtracts that with the offset value set by you. If the time is 12:34 and the offset value is 121, the final pin is 1113 (1234 – 121)

At any time, if multiple pins are enabled, they will be applied based on the order shown in the TimePIN app.

TimePIN is a free app. Only the Reverse modifier is available for free in the app. Other modifiers can be purchased with an in-app purchase priced at $1.99.

Default pin


A default pin can be set in the app during the first launch of the app. If you ever get locked out of your device, simply reboot the device, and once it restarts, enter the default pin to access your device again.

You can change the default pin anytime you want. Also, this default pin is required to access the app every time.

Upcoming features

The developer has mentioned that he has some interesting features coming soon. They include support for encrypted devices, support for pattern passwords, alphanumeric passwords and more modifiers.

The app doesn’t need root access. But upcoming features like support for encrypted devices and pattern passwords may need root access.

Link: TimePIN on Google Play


Trick to set your own Flappy Bird high score on Android

Flappy Bird is an insanely addictive game that’s been spreading words everywhere since a month. The game objective is simple : keep the tiny bird flying to the unreachable checkpoint, without crashing into the pipes, to collect medals.

The game is available for Android and iOS devices. It has over 50 million users just on Android.


Getting on to the topic, it’s easy to set your own high score on your Android device. But, there are two things necessary : your Android device should have root access (that is, you should have rooted your Android device) and ES File Explorer. If you already have the two, you’re good to go. Else, root your device and download ES File Explorer.

Before you begin with this hack, make sure to play the game once and set a minimum of 1 as your high score.


Open ES File Explorer and enable Root Explorer from the options available in the left side panel.

Once done, go to your Local panel and go to Data > Data. There, find com.dotgears.flappybird. Enter this folder.

Inside, go to shared_prefs. Open the FlappyBird.xml file with ES Note Editor.


Click the Three Dots at the top right of the file manage and choose the Edit mode. You can now change the value of your high score.

This was my high score before changing.



This is my high score after changing.



Things to to note

If the high score set by you doesn’t show up during the game play, close the app manually and then restart the game.

Also, this high score is set only locally. This high score will not be reflected in your social gaming section like Google Play Games or that of iOS.

If you loved this trick, share this post with your friends too. They would also love to set their own high scores, right?

Links : Flappy Bird on Google Play | Flappy Bird on iTunes Store | via Android Pit


Telegram messenger – WhatsApp clone with better security options

Telegram messenger is a new instant messaging app. It is a secure, fast and reliable means for instant messaging and is available for Android and iOS devices for now.

Telegram messenger has been designed to look a lot like WhatsApp, but the former has a couple of brilliant features that are limited in latter.

To begin with, this service claims to be faster than any other instant messaging service. It is fast in delivering the messages and offers read reports with check marks, just like WhatsApp. The app claims to run perfect even with the weakest mobile signals.

Telegram Messenger (1)
WhatsApp clone – Telegram

Similar to WhatsApp, your Telegram messenger account is linked to your mobile number, but there is an option to log out of your account when needed. It is free, without ads, and the developers claim that it will remain free forever.

It even has WhatsApp emoticons!


Interesting Telegram features

Privacy – You can create Secret Chats with your friends. If you start a Secret Chat with your friend, your friend will have to accept that invitation.


Once done, your messages won’t be recorded by the Telegram messenger servers. Also, you have an option to make the messages self-destruct in few seconds to minutes. This is a quality privacy feature that many would love to have.

Click the photo of your friend at the top right in the Secret Chat and you can set the the self-destruct message timing in an option available there.

Telegram Messenger (2)

100 members in a group chat – With Telegram messenger, you can make group chats with as much as 100 friends.

WhatsApp offers 50 members in a group limit.


Unlimited storage  You can send media upto 1 GB in-a-go over Telegram messenger. It is said that the app offers unlimited media storage in a cloud storage. This way, you can access your messages and media from several devices!

You can also send files of any format! This way, you can send MP3, PDF and other files that can’t be send on WhatsApp.

Based on the first impressions, the app looked brilliant to me. It’s WhatsApp with better security features.

Link: Telegram messenger website | Telegram on Google Play | Telegram on App Store


Greenify for Android prolongs your device’s battery and makes it faster

One of the first things I do when I get a new Android is unlock (boot loader) and root it. There are many reasons for why I do it, but the best one is, Greenify.

Especially, if your device is low on RAM and battery goes down quickly, Greenify can help.


Greenify ‘auto-hibernates’ apps which are running in background, making your phone/tablet faster and long laster. Think of it like an alternative to the aggressive task killer apps which destroy your battery.

The latest version of Greenify, i.e. 2.0 – no longer needs root privileges, so it should work on non-rooted devices too. But, users have to manually open Greenify app and Force Quit apps, which is really pointless.

If you’re rooted, Greenify will use root privileges and auto-hibernate apps. If you launch a hibernated app, it will get out of hibernation and you can use it normally.

Just make sure you don’t hibernate Messaging/Alarm apps, because you’ll stop getting push notifications, as background services are killed. There’s a donate version of app which allows push notifications for hibernated apps.

Have your heard about Greenify before? Drop in your comments.

Link: Greenify


Cover for Android makes your lock screen smarter and contextual

Contextual mobile apps have been on rise for quite a sometime now. Google Now has been one of the best things about Android (though it is on iOS now) and then you have Aviate Launcher created by former Google employees.

Cover is a fresh new take on Android lock screen. It replaces it with something more intelligent and contextual.


Cover lets you peek into apps directly from the lock screen. It shows three sets of icons, that keep on changing based on your app usage.

The basic idea here is that, you can just wake your device, slide from the app icon – which you want to open and get the stuff done. So you don’t have to unlock your device, search for the app, launch it.


Cover asks for your Home and Work address when you set it up. It needs this, as it shows different set of apps, if it detects that you’re at Work. It also uses motion detection to know if you’re travelling.

Other handy features include jumping between apps by sliding from top right corner (which you can customise).

Peeking at apps from lock screen works well, i.e. no lag what so ever.

The app is only available on US Play Store, but apparently, you can download the APK and install it – from the link below.

Link: Cover APK


Download Hangouts v2.0.012 APK – Comes with SMS integration

Google launched Nexus 5 on 31st October and with that came Android 4.4 – KitKat. Hangouts v2.0.012 comes with support of SMS, sending and receiving animated GIFs, location sharing and many other improvements. This latest version of Hangouts has been extracted from the Nexus 5 devices.

On launching Hangouts you’ll be asked to enable SMS integration. You can enable/disable SMS integration whenever you wish to in the Settings section. Hangouts doesn’t ask you to set that as the default SMS app. The default SMS app remains the same, old one.


You can now share your locations with your friends and send/receive animated GIFs.

Moods is another new addition. It’s basically like status updates in WhatsApp and Hike.


The APK download link is mentioned at the bottom of this post.

To install this APK file, you’ll have to enable installation from Unknown Sources in your Android settings section. Go to Settings > Security and enable the Unknown Sources option.

Some users have reported crash reports/bugs with some devices running this updated version. As for me, I’ve not experienced any crashes.

If you are enthusiastic about trying the new SMS integration, download the APK right now, or you can choose to wait till Google updates Hangouts on Google Play Store.

Link : Download Hangouts v2.0.012


Send callers customized text messages if you are busy with Smart Responder

Smart Responder is an app that disconnects an incoming phone call and sends a text message to the caller if the phone user is busy, for example driving a car or is in a meeting.

By default, 5 instances come packed with the app. They are : Driving, Meeting, Theatre, Prayer, School. When you’re at the temple, you may choose the Prayer mode to disconnect the calls and an auto-response ‘At Prayer’ will be sent. Similarly, you can choose the other instances. But at one time, you may choose only one particular instance.

Smart Responder

Also, you can create your own instances. You should give a Title and a Message to create instances of your own. You can also long press the pre-loaded 5 instances to change the Title / Message.

Deleting the default 5 instances is not possible which is unfortunate as not everyone is blogs or is still young enough to be in school or college but the app allows deleting instances created by yourself.

Once you’re done with all your jobs, you may disable the enabled instances and you can close the app.

Link: Smart Responder


Twitter for Android tablets launched on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

The development of a Twitter for Android tablets has been a sad story since a long time. Twitter for Android tablets was basically Twitter for Android mobile’s stretched version till yesterday. Today, Twitter has announced the launch of Twitter for Android tablets on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

This tablet-optimized app brings an user interface that packs more details for the users’ advantage. Tweets, conversations, people to follow, trending topics – everything is shown. In the landscape mode, the navigation bar is thrown to the left side. Tapping a tweet brings the tweet’s details along with the multimedia and article previews.


As for now, Twitter for Android tablets is available only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. Twitter announced that this app for other Samsung tablets will be coming “soon” and for the rest of the Android tablets – “by the end of this year”

There are two amazing things about this launch. This app will work in the multi-window feature available on the Samsung devices. Also, you can doodle on pictures with the Samsung S-Pen before tweeting the picture.


It is obvious that this Twitter app is exclusive for Samsung Galaxy Note but it is only a matter of time, until someone will pull off the APK file and upload it on the web.

What this means to the Android community?

Since Google’s I/O 2013 event, the Android studio, an Integrated Development Environment for Android, has proved to be useful tool for developers to make mobile and tablet optimized apps with ease. It helps them to preview apps made for various sizes screens and also make stage rollout of apps. Currently Android studio is free and is available as an early access preview.

In the case of Apple App Store, all the apps are classified as ‘for iPhone’ and ‘for iPad’. With Twitter’s launch of this tablet optimized app, I believe that other Android developers will follow suit and launch tablet optimized apps soon.


Themer: A single-step solution for personalising your Android

We love customising our Android phones, don’t we all? Launchers play a huge role in this and the Play store is filled with hundreds, or may be thousands of them. There’s just too much choice for the users in this aspect.

Themer too is a launcher, but different. Read on.


Customizing an Android phone is obviously a multiple step process. You have to gather a lot of stuff, like a good wallpaper, a well designed icon pack, widgets and apply all this to your launcher. Everyone will agree that this is a tedious process. Themer tries to fix this.

The app is developed by the people at MyColorScreen – a great community of Android geeks showing off their customised Android homescreens.


At its core, Themer lets you browse through themes and download/apply them with a single tap. Each theme can have its own set of icons, widgets, background and all.

I wish themes from MyColorScreen were available. If they can make this happen, it’ll be a huge break through, as the mods on MyColorScreen are simply stunning (go have a look!).

In my testing (using a Galaxy Nexus), I found Themer to be a bit slow, but it really depends on how bulky the theme is.

Personally, I still continue to use Nova launcher, but I’ll switch surely if the themes get better.

Themer is not yet released for public, but you can hit the link below to sign up for its beta (you get mailed an access code after few days).

Link: Themer