Apple Beats Google in Race to Launch Cloud Music

Apple and Google might be rivals in the mobile market with iPhone and Android respectively. But now this rivalry is moving online. The battle is over”Cloud Music”  the online music store.

Apple has completed the work for an online cloud music storage service and is all set to launch it ahead of Google. Though both of them has been  beaten by the Amazon with it service called ” Amazon Cloud Drive“.


What will Apples Cloud Music storage service do?

  • Apple plan will allow its iTunes users to store their music tracks on the server and access them anywhere through the internet.
  • Google was expected to launch the service for the Android last Christmas but they did not. Amazon had launched the service early of the April 2011, without considering the new licenses which may got to legal process.
  • Now three of most valuable companies are in a long term war over the cloud music storage.

There are still some interesting questions left, like how will these company tackles the licensing process?

Apple will have an edge of Google and Amazon as it has many iTunes user which we didn’t think of migrating to other services. Also it has a millions of iPod users who would want to use this service.

Google has to keep their Android user happy with the music store and they will mainly focus on the Android only. As far as Amazon is concern it will be difficult to them to survive from the Apple and Google even though they had launched the services earlier.

Important dates over Cloud music:

  • Dec 2009  Apple bought the “Lala” a cloud based company.
  • May  2010  Apple shut down “Lala” .
  • May 2010 Simplify Media, bought by Google closed down.
  • Mar 2011 Amazon launches Cloud drive.
  • April 2011 Google acquires PushLife.

So who do you think will dominate cloud music service? Do drop in your comments.

Source: Reuters


Photowall Android app to Make your Facebook friend’s pictures into a live wallpaper

Photowall app for all Android devices pulls up all your and your friends’s pictures from Facebook and sets it as your live wallpaper. Wow, nice!


What does Photowall App do ?

  • PhotoWall shows your photos on your phone’s home screen.
  • You can add photo effects too.
  • Create lovely wallpapers with yours’ and your friends photographs from Facebook.

For downloading this application you need to first login to Android market and then click install. 🙂 It’s not a free app, you need to buy it from Android market in 44.40 INR.

So , what do you think ? Are you going to buy this app and see your friend’s photo as wallpaper ? Share your view on this.


Why’s no one talking about ‘BADA’?

Yes, I did notice that Samsung Wave 533 runs a BADA operating system and not the much hyped Android. Since I had personally no idea about this new OS – “BADA”, I finally knocked Google and started looking for the differences with Android.


Real-time working of BADA OS

I am presenting a small compilation of thoughts after going through numerous articles and comments on BADA as well as Android.


Display & Interface

Bada is surely the winner over Android here with its TouchWiz UI. The interface is really very smooth and lets you move your widgets and icons easily between the 3 desktop screens, unlike Android which makes it slightly nudging experience.

DW bada2


Multimedia seems so cool with BADA as both its Audio and Video players are user-friendly and equipped with lots of functions while on the other hand Android Audio players is not really a good one to boast about. If we talk about the Wave 533 which has a Super AMOLED display, the video quality is just awesome!

DW bada3

Apps Marketplace

This is where BADA seems to lose against Android which already has the largest number of apps for its devices. However with Developers across the World gaining interest towards BADA App development, it is not far that BADA will be a big competitor to Android in the near future. Moreover unlike Google, Samsung takes pretty good care to keep junk applications out of its marketplace.


DW bada1


One possible reason no one is talking about BADA is because of the big image of Google attached to Android. While Samsung is not basically a Development company, Google is loved by billions of users around the globe. However BADA has basically taken the positive things from Android, iOS as well as HTC Sense, so let’s see how BADA evolves!

Do post your comments and if you are not a geek, then at least post some appreciation 😛

Link: Bada Official Website


[Review] Android entry-level mobile phone in India!

With Android growing without a looking back, people in India are often found more interested in budget-savvy mobile phones. So here I am coming to you reviewing 3 entry-level mobile phone available in India and running Android OS.

The three handsets I am talking about are: Micromax Andro, Samsung Galaxy Pop (confirmed the price in Pune, courtesy the Mobile Store) and Dell XCD 28. Let me list down a few major features of these mobile sets.


DW android4



  • Andro: Rs. 6999 (Mobile Store price)
  • Galaxy Pop: Rs. 9169 (Mobile Store price)
  • XCD 28: Rs. 7725 (a price lower than Naaptol, check here)


DW android2


Android Version

  • Andro: 2.1 (Éclair)
  • Galaxy Pop: 2.2 (Froyo)
  • XCD 28: 2.1 (Éclair)




  • Andro: 2.8” resistive touchscreen
  • Galaxy Pop: 3.2” TFT capacitive touchscreen
  • XCD 28: 2.8” resistive touchscreen


DW android3



  • Andro: 3.2 Mega-pixel (digital zoom, that’s what mentioned everywhere :P)
  • Galaxy Pop: 3.15 Mega-pixel with 3x zoom
  • XCD 28: 3 Mega-pixel with 5x zoom



DW android1


Ofcourse, all the above 3 phones supports 3G network, Bluetooth as well as WiFi connectivity. I hope this will give you a brief idea about the mobile handsets in the Android range. Keep commenting and do suggest if you want me to cover any specific topics.


    Android on Google’s path – “If you can’t convince people, confuse them”

    This piece of post may not convince you well, but it will at least not confuse you unlike Google. Ever since Google came out with it’s Android for smartphones, the sale of Android phones has been on the rise (read Android wins over Symbian sales), but now it has started following the Google tagline – if you can’t convince people, confuse them!

    DW androidconfusion

    Version History of Android

    • Android 1.1
    • Android 1.5 – Cupcake
    • Android 1.6 – Donut
    • Android 2.0 – Eclair
    • Android 2.0.1 – Eclair
    • Android 2.1 – Eclair
    • Android 2.2 – Froyo
    • Android 2.3 – Gingerbread
    • Android 2.3.3 – Gingerbread
    • Android 3.0 – Honeycomb

    This is how Google has officially declared it’s version history of Android. Out of all, the version 3.0 is specially optimized for tablets or devices with large screen sizes. Watch the video for Android 3.0 which says it’s specially created for tablets.

    Video preview of Android 3.0 Honeycomb

    Where the confusion starts?

    • Google recently announced that Android 2.4 will be launched this Summers, does that mean Google is going to develop Gingerbread upto 2.9 separately?
    • A PC World report suggests that HTC announced its 7-inch Flyer tablet in the Mobile World Congress and you know what, it uses the Android 2.4 and not 3.0!!
    • Many reports suggest that Android 4.0 is to be named as “Icecream”, while a TechCrunch report says Android 2.4 to be named as “Icecream Sandwich”. I’m Confused!

    I am not sure what Google inside story is, but finally the clear picture will be revealed only during the Google IO conference this year. Do post your comments, and do you think Google is intentionally trying to trick everyone with it’s ice-cream gimmick just to keep talks going on?


    Apple’s mobile app market share dips!

    DW applesales1

    Yet the deal between Nokia and Microsoft is not in force and what you see above is mere a transition which has happened without this new couple participating. Apple has successfully maintained it’s dominance in the Mobile App sales in the last year i.e. 2010 and has even registered a growth of 131.9% over the sales in 2009. However the moment you start comparing this growth with the other Mobile app sellers (Blackberry, Nokia Ovi and Android), few eyebrows would raise.

    Why did Apple’s growth slow down?

    One of the major factors of the slow down is the rapid growth in Android phone sales. While Android app sales has grown by more than 850% in just one year, even Nokia has managed to grow by about 720%. Another reason is that Apple’s mobile apps being sold since long and hence there is now a concentration in the market, resulting in lower demand.

    Can we conclude that Apple has starting losing it out, or will this prepare Apple better for the upcoming years? However the revenues have doubled over a year, hence Apple apps collectively do not looks like doing bad. Let me know what are your views and do post your comments!


    Android overtakes Symbian by 1.9 million sales!

    Even if you think it doesn’t matter how far Android can go, ‘I will stick to Nokia’, then I must tell you that Android has now officially broken all records with higher sales figures than Symbian in the last quarter of 2010.

    What’s more interesting is that while Android’s popularity has been ever on the rise, Nokia has adopted Symbian and have started to develop it in-house. Now we need to wait for the future which will tell us whether this was a bad business move by Nokia or not!

    The survey conducted by a Research firm “Canalys” which revealed that while Symbian sales stood at 31 million, Android managed higher sales at 32.9 million smartphones during the last quarter of 2010. The sales were possibly fuelled by exciting handsets launched by Samsung, LG and HTC.

    I am not predicting that Nokia’s strategy to become the leader in Mobile Technology is a failure, however Nokia must be very careful with its plans there are a lot of Nokia lovers out there specially in India.

    Will Nokia manage to take Symbian to a new level ? Do drop in your comments.

    Source: Canalys


    Motorola Glam: India’s First Android Dual Sim (CDMA+GSM)

    In an attempt to increase its market share in a country like India, Motorola finally appears to take steps towards some innovation and hence launched the first ever Android phone with Dual sim (CDMA + GSM) technology known as the ‘Milestone XT800’ or simply Motorola Glam. The phone is a touch-screen and supports almost all features a user might be looking for in a smartphone. The price tag is around Rs. 32000 which might look big initially though it’s a great new comer for users of both CDMA as well as GSM. However now, the phone will be exclusively sold by AirTyme Communications in India.

    Features at a glance

    Camera: 5 Mega-pixel [autofocus, digital-zoom, dual LED flash]


    Operating System: Android 2.1 [a bit disappointing though]

    Messaging: SMS, MMS, Email (includes push email)

    Storage: 2GB card [expandable up to 32GB]

    Connectivity: USB 2.0, Bluetooth [wireless Bluetooth stereo included]


    GPS: Assisted GPS support [Google maps included]

    Multimedia: Video playback/capture/streaming [HDMI output included], Audio formats supported [includes WAV, WMA, AMR, MP3, AAC and lot more]

    Office: Support for viewing / editing documents [Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF and ZIP]

    I think this is going to be a great buy for users who are not even willing to leave the strong CDMA network as well as want to have a nice Android phone. However you need to compromise on the Android version. Think and then comment, “are you gonna buy it?”


    Top 13 must have Android Apps on your phone

    Today Android is the most used mobile operating system in the world. It is developed by Google. Sony, Nokia, HTC, Blackberry, Motorola and many other cell phone manufactures ship cells with android.

    It is a one of the major competitor to the Apple iPhone and many other cell phone manufacturing companies providing their particular mobile OS.

    It is an Open Source Mobile Operating System and has more than 2,00,000 free applications. Some of the best android apps for your phone are listed below.

    1. Advanced Task Killer

    Android phones are capable of running more than one application at a time. This can Slow down the phone performance, but Advanced Task Killer helps by aborting the background running process at a click.

    2. Evernote

    Evernote is an app which is used in both computers as well as cell phones. You can easily find and search for you notes using Evernote. Also the ones made using your desktop PC. You can Capture your Ideas, Inspirations and Experiences using Evernote for android.

    3. Fring

    Fring is an android app using which a user can make calls, video calls and instant messages worldwide to their family and friends. The plus point of Fring is that it can communicate with users who are not a Fring member, also it is absolutely free of cost with more than ten million users worldwide.

    4. FxCamera

    You don’t need a 5MP camera for better photos if you have FxCamera. This applications have many filters and supports editing of photos. It can take snaps in special effects like ToyCam, Fisheye, Polandroid, SymmetriCam, Warhol, and Normal.

    5. Gmote

    Gmote turns your android phone to a remote control of your PC. Download Gmote to your device and Gmote Server to your PC. Connect both of them and you are done. It supports standard features like Play, Pause, Rewind, Volume Control, etc and also has a built-in browser to help you select what to play easily sitting at a distance.

    6. Google Earth

    Now Google Earth is available for android. Using it you can explore the world in your plam. Its features are Exploring in 3D, Local Search, My Location, Search by voice, Multi Touch, Layers. Not all the phone running android have a Google Earth supports. Phones having android 2.1+ version of android are supported.

    7. Google Goggles

    It searches information of the photo or a picture provided to it. If you see any landmark or product and want information about it just use Goggles and it will give you everything. Also it can read bar code of the products and helps you find similar products.

    8. Google Maps

    Google Maps as everyone know about it is now available for android based phones. You can use it to route your path, find place and paths using the maps on the Google servers at any place using your phone.

    9. Opera Mini

    The developers of Opera Mini have now launched a final version for android phones. It can be set as a default browser and pages outside the browser can be loaded using opera min. Its compression gives smaller bill amount. It has features like Tabs, Speed-Dial Navigation, Minimise Downloads and Opera Link.

    10. Palringo

    Palringo is an instant messaging app. You can connect to MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk, ICQ and many others. You never miss any chat with the notifications on your phone. You can share your location plus it supports rich media communication.

    11. Pandora Radio

    Pandora Radio is Internet Radio app. Just type in your favourite artist, composer or band and it will create a station which plays their songs and if you are an existing user of Pandora you can use you sync stations along with many new available.

    12. XnView


    XnView is a multi-format graphic browser. It can view more than 400 types of graphic file types also have options like thumbnail and preview.

    13. WeFi

    WeFi is an app which automatically finds and cconnects to the wi-fi spot near you. It also have its own Wi-Fi network around the world to access internet from anywhere. It has an inbuilt IM for your Buddy list. If you are frustrated searching for a Wi-Fi connectivity around you try this for free Wi-Fi connectivity.

    All of the above apps are absolutely free and can be easily used with your Android phone. You can click on the name of the app to get more information and to download them.

    Do keep an eye on the data charges. Do drop in your comments and views.


    Getting Started with UC Browser [Mobile]

    If you are using web on your mobile, chances are high that you are using a third party browser like Opera Mini, Bolt or UC Browser. While all are good, UC Browser seems to fulfill most of my needs. But it may feel awkward for those who were using Opera Mini for a long time and are new to the browser.  So I would like to give a brief guide to use it.

    #1. Grab the App

    PC Download –

    WAP Download –


    iPhone Download – iTunes link

    Install it as any other app. To change application permissions, in Nokia s40, highlight UC Browser, then go to your phone settings by:

    • Options>Communication>Network Access>Always Allowed,
    • Options>Data Access>Read Data>Always Allowed,
    • Options>Data Access>Add and Edit Data>Always Allowed.

    UC Browser is available for different platforms including Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile, iPhone etc.


    In jailbroken iPhones, to add UC Browser in Cydia(The unofficial AppStore), goto

    • Manage>Sources>Edit>Add>

    For Java Platform, a standard version, as well as a low memory version is available. The low memory version is for lower end phones that don’t doesn’t support the standard version. It doesn’tn’t have some features of the standard version.

    This article is primarily intended for the Standard Java Version.

    #2. Let it Initialize


    After installing, open UC Browser. It will first check your network to set up an more fluent connection with the server for browsing.

    After network test, it will update the  startpage and other data. If initialization fails, then try restarting the browser, or check your network settings.

    #3. Choose a Theme


    Choose a theme for the browser as you like to make it unique from the others  that suits you . Go to Menu>Preference>Themes>Manage Themes and select a theme. You can download more themes from

    Menu>Preference>Themes>Download Themes. After download, it will ask you to install the theme. Or you can later install it from

    Menu>File>Download Manager and then press “1” at the theme and choose “Install”.


    #4. Add Some Bookmarks


    Add your bookmarks from Menu>Open>Bookmark and then Menu>Management>New Bookmark. You can also create folders to  arrange

    your bookmarks. While in a page, you can add it to your bookmarks from Menu>Navigation>Add Bookmark, or else just tap button “1” to get the Context menu for adding bookmarks and other function.

    #5. Configure Shortcuts


    UC Browser comes with predefined shortcuts and you can change them  as per your convenience. To change the shortcut keys, go to Menu>Preference>Shortcuts. After changes, click “Save”. You can restore default shortcuts by clicking “Restore”.

    #6. Customize Settings


    You can change the default settings from Menu>Preference>General Settings,. which includes the detail settings for changes as you wish to make your browsing more smooth, fast and pleasure  To have an idea about what each setting does, go to

    Menu>Help>Help Contents.

    #7. Understand the Startpage


    The Startpage of UC Browser is very intuitive. At the top, you have the “Bookmarks” and “Home” icons to switch (press “left soft key” or “3” button on your phone) between the start page and bookmarks. Next is the Search bar which lets you search the web. Below it you’ll find the Address bar which lets you enter web addresses.


    Below the Address bar, there are drop down tabs with recommended and sorted links for you to get the site through a few clicks instead of typing the long addresslinks. The lowermost drop down tab shows your History. You can expand a tab by clicking on it. The last part shows some sponsored links.

    #8. Browse the Web


    After the customizations and understanding the startpagestart page, now you are ready to surf the web. To go to a website, just enter the URL in the Address bar. e.g. – and press Ok. The page will load in few seconds. You can use the navigation keys or your phone’s keypad to navigate through the page.


    You can save the page for later viewing from

    Menu>File>Save Page.


    To refresh/reload the page, go to


    And it provides a auto refresh function to keep your update with the news you don’t want to miss.

    #9. Search the Web

    It is easy with the inbuilt search function. Click on the Search bar and enter your query. You can select from predefined search engines given. Then click “Search” to get the resultssearch the web.

    #10. Use the Context Menu

    The Context menu lets you access the most used functions easily. The default Shortcut is “1”.

    In normal, it gives option to open new window, copy text, share etc.

    You can also search from the highlighted text.

    When you highlight an image, you can use the context menu to Zoom or Save the image.

    While you highlight a link, you can copy the link, open it in a new tab, or save the linked file.

    #11. Download Files


    When you click on any download, you’ll be prompted with generally three options, “Open”, “Save” and “Cancel”. The options provide by the browser change as different file types. For Zip and PDF files, you will have an option “Preview” to directly view the contents. For apps, you’ll have a “Install” option. To download the file with your default browser, select open. Select save to download the file with UC Browser download manager. And you’ll find the speed is much faster than the built-in browser.

    #12. Upload Files

    When you are on a site with the upload dialog box, click “Browse”.

    Then you’ll be presented with two options. You can either upload from your phone or take a photo instantly to upload.

    #13. Install Apps Downloaded with UC Browser

    If you use a s40 phone, the apps you download with UC Browser are marked as unsupported format. To install them, lets take an example:.

    Suppose you tried to download app.jar. UC will automatically rename it to app_jar as it cannot save it as app.jar due to phone limitations.

    So to install the app, just rename it to app.jar from app_jar with your default file manager.

    #14. Protect Your Privacy

    You can easily delete the browsing and search history, cookies, cache and traffic to protect your privacy. Go to Menu>Tools>Clear History.

    #15.Go Advanced

    Now, when you are ready to surf the web in a new way, feel free to explore the advanced functions in UC Browser. UC Browser gives much more flexibility and more control over your browser.


    Though UC Browser is designed to be easy, it may feel less user friendly for new users. Hope this guide will help. You may want to check out my post 15 reasons to fall in love with UC Browser. Also don’t forget to share your experience with us by dropping a comment here.