How to plant a “Meetha Bomb” on your Orkut friends

Cadbury Éclairs recently released a new Orkut application called the “Meetha Bomb”based on one of their latest TV commercials. Like the name suggests, with the help of this application, you could drop a “meetha bomb” on your Orkut friends for fun. How does it work? Click here to add the application from your Orkut profile […]

Orkut Mobile App: Making Orkut Mobile

Today world over, mobile phones have become one of the most convenient ways to login to Orkut to check scraps, view photos and read the latest updates. Looking at this trend, Orkut has now come up with a mobile application offering Orkut’s core functionality to users wherever they happen to be. With the beta launch […]

Chat on Orkut without a Gmail Account

Most of you must have noticed that Google Talk was not available for chatting on Orkut for people who did not have a Gmail account. Thankfully, this will not be a hindrance for Orkut users any more. Now, Google’s chat feature is being enabled for all Orkut users, irrespective of whether they have a Gmail […]

Google Latitude… Now on Orkut! A fun way to share your live location with friends!

I’m sure most of you already know about Google Latitude through an earlier post on Orkut Diary.

It’s a feature of Google Maps for mobile, as well as an iGoogle gadget, that lets you share your live location with your friends (if you chose to share it with them) and also see their locations (if they choose to share it with you).

This fun application is now on Orkut too!

Facebook Developer Garage in New Delhi, India

A good news for all Indian Facebook Apps Developers. Tekriti Software is organizing Facebook Developer Garage event in New Delhi on 25th April 2009. Facebook like other parts in the world, growing in India in terms of popularity and user base. As Facebook platform and its apps can be nice source of revenue, many developers […]

Now Backup list of your Orkut Friends on your Hard Disk!

Its not too long that, Orkut Plus launched a scrap backup tool called Scrap Backup mate using which it was possible to backup a copy of all the scraps of Orkut scrapbook locally (i.e. on your hard-disk). Because of a huge positive response to this awesome tool, OrkutPlus has recently developed another similar tool using […]

Show Twitter Updates on your Orkut Profile using Twitkut

Since a long time, twitter fans wanted Orkut to come up with any such feature using which tweets by them can be automatically updated on their Orkut profile. Though Orkut is officially yet to launch any such feature, Ankit Ahuja has developed an app named TwitKut using the APIs of Orkut. As the name goes, […]