Facebook for Android 1.3- Installation, Features, Bugs and Problems

If you are using a Google’s operating system Android mobile phone then this post is exclusively for you. The new Facebook for Android is now available to download with cool new features which was missing in its older versions. The new feature in this application includes Video playback, you can now view events, RSVP for […]

Share pictures, video and more with Facebook chat

Today I came across a great Facebook app which allowed me to chat without any clutter on my profile page rather than have all the chat contacts scrambled and listed on the right hand corner of my browser. The Application is called Neat Chat and allows you to create chat rooms and also share files […]

Google TV to be showcased next month during Google IO developer conference

A couple of months ago I wrote about Google getting into Television with its android apps for Dish Network and also entering with agreements with TV set manufacturers. I recently read on Mashable that Google TV will be unveiled during Google IO developer conference next month in May. Google IO Developer conferences is where Google […]

Will Twitter end up hurting its developer ecosystem with redesign

Twitter will be changing very soon. It is already carrying out a massive re-design of their website according to a Twitter employee who posted a doodle of what the new design could be like. I guess this is a way to start the much awaited monetization process of Twitter. Twitter has developed a system and […]

Check Buzz updates with Desktop application

Anyone using Twitter and Facebook a lot might be aware of desktop applications like Digsby and Yoono, to use them without the need to visit their web pages. For the moment there are not many impressive stand alone desktop apps for Google Buzz. After doing a bit of research I found Google Buzz Desktop a application that allows you to update and read your Buzz updates from the desktop itself.

Dreamhost Controller : Dreamhost App for your Desktop

Dreamhost hosting is one of the top webhosts in Webhosting industry. If you are hosting your website on Dreamhost servers, then this app can help you easily manage your hosting right from your desktop. Dreamhost controller is an Adobe AIR application that makes use of Dreamhost APIs, bringing almost all the functionality of the APIs to your desktop. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

5 Twitter Apps Recommended for Corporate Users

Twitter has come a long way from being a platform for exchanging short messages among friends. It is now reckoned as one of the most powerful channels for web marketing. Entrepreneurs, blog owners, marketers have all understood the importance of Twitter in their daily lives. The success Twitter enjoys can be largely credited to the […]

Promote your products through Orkut – Free Advertising on orkut for it’s members

Facebook have been well known for sharing web pages. Due to this reason, it has been a favorite place of bloggers. I felt pity for Orkut, which don’t have such options. But now orkut, under Google has entered this field with more and more facilities. Today when i was browsing through my friends profiles, i […]

Test Drive Microsoft Office Web-Apps Now

After Google released Google Docs, as an online replacement for MS Office, the guys at Microsoft also thought that they must provide an online version of their software. Microsoft Office Web-Apps, known as “Office Web Apps”, includes Word, Power-Point and Excel and is free to use. However as it is only in an initial stage so far, you must be invited to use and test it. Here’s how you can test drive the software in a few seconds!