Journey Of A Thousand Posts [TDIS]

I recently completed a thousand posts on Devils’ Workshop. I am not particular about numbers and was not aware of being so close to the milestone. Thanks to my friend and colleague [email protected] for a timely tweet reminding me, that I was nearing a 1000 posts on DW. That tweet got me thinking about my journey […]

WordAds – WordPress Competition to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is often the first step towards monetizing your blog. Thousands of blogs make money online thanks to those text-based advertisements, that show up above the post. Google Adsense is still the king of online advertising for bloggers. This might change soon if WordPress has its way. WordPress has announced WordAds, an advertising program that […]

Blog Wars: Impact of WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger

When I started my blogging career, most people would start with a blog created on and then move it to WordPress self-hosted. The trend was was the first choice for new bloggers while WordPress was adopted by bloggers with more experience. That trend is changing and more people are using WordPress or Tumblr. […]

Integrate Google+ Profile into Blogspot/Blogger

Google has started pushing through Google+ integrated features onto their other products. Today Google introduced the option that allows Blogspot users to transfer the Blogger profile to Google+. Currently this option is available only in the draft section of Blogger platform but will be made available to everyone. How to activate your Google+ profile to […]

How to Embed Tweets on Self-Hosted WordPress

Twitter plays a big part in promoting content on a blog. Almost every blog has a retweet button to share the post on Twitter directly from blog itself. Another way is to embed the complete tweet inside a post, so the reader can retweet, reply or even favorite a particular tweet from the post itself […]

Social Micropayment Program for Bloggers – Flattr

Blogging can be frustrating, especially when you are starting out. Most bloggers write posts part-time and manage to find some time to create new content which is appreciated with Facebook ‘Likes’ and Twitter ‘Retweets’. But nothing says “I like your post” like money does. And Flattr allows bloggers to contribute small sums to good bloggers […]

Download “Devils’ Workshop” Blogger Template

Mukund from released a free template which replicate our current Devils’ Workshop theme nicely. 🙂 You can see live demo here.  You can download it from here. If you decide to use it on your blog, please read follow-up articles on customizations as well. As Mukund developed this theme on his own, […]

WordCamp to be held Jabalpur, India – Oct 15-16, 2011

There is a healthy WordPress community in India. Many top bloggers from India, also prefer using WordPress and even the developer community is pretty much hooked on to it. To it only a matter of time, when some WordPress geeks got together somewhere in India to organize a WordCamp. WordCamp will be held in Jabalpur, […]

Enable New Dynamic Views with Endless Scrolling on Blogger

Blogger had earlier this month announced that it was going to start unveiling new features. WordPress might be the platform of choice for professional bloggers but there are literally millions of casual bloggers who write and create content as a hobby. Obviously they are looking for simple solutions when it comes to tweaking layouts and […]