Check AdSense Earnings Quickly with Chrome Toolbar

If you are running a blog which displays text Ads, then chances are you are using AdSense to monetize. I know many bloggers who check their AdSense earning everyday to carry out their future plans.

There are many unofficial AdSense Add-ons and other tools but Google has recently rolled out an official extension.


  • This extension can allow users a quick peek into their AdSense earnings. It displays the earnings for the particular day, from previous day and the current month and the previous month.
  • Download the AdSense toolbar from here. You will need to grant this extension access to your AdSense account. You might not want to do this on a shared computer or a public one.
  • It also displays how much money do the custom type of Ad banners along with websites.

If you are curious about AdSense you might want to check out this guide to getting your AdSense account approved.

Also if you are new to AdSense you might want to go read about this checklist which helps you master AdSense.

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Link: AdSense Toolbar for Chrome


kapitan January 23, 2012

but i like Live Earnings Checker for Google AdSense more because it shows your earnings without the need of clicks.

Aditya Kane January 23, 2012

@Kapitan: Interesting, I will check it out. But this extension is the official one from Google.

christina thomas January 25, 2012

Excellent resource, my friend. I will opt for the official one from Google because I am presumably much better protected against mishaps than using an unofficial one, even if it supposedly works a little better. You dont want to play around with giving things access to your adsense account, y’know?!

Aditya Kane January 25, 2012

@christina: Always safer to use official extensions. But another great way to protect your Google account related to AdSense would be to have 2-step verification.

Amrik Virdi January 28, 2012

Great post…. I have just installed AdSense toolbar! thanks…

Michael Smithson March 3, 2012

I didn’t even know this existed. Great heads-up; now I find myself checking my earnings almost 5 times per hour lol.